May 09, 2015

Product Spotlight: Master Collection Volume 1 from Canfora Design & Publishing

Swedish based Canfora Design & Publishing (aka Canfora Grafisk Form & Förlag) has launched a new series. The Master’s Collection is a series that will present a selection of work from top modelers with approximately 12-15 subject per volume, many of them previously unpublished. "With this exciting new series we present the best work from international award-winning modellers. High quality, large format photos give you the chance to explore these marvelous creations in great detail."

Master Collection Volume 1 The World of Dioramas features the work of Norwegian modeler Per Olav Lund. Although mainly a visual book, it also provides useful information on techniques and materials…some old and trusted, while others offer a new angle. The book also contains a gallery section that summarizes the wealth of Per Olav Lund’s collection, including several famous dioramas, which have frequently won awards in major European competitions. Over the past two decades, this Norwegian modeler has truly pushed the limits of what can be achieved with a diorama. His spectacular layouts and extremely realistic style has gained him an army of fans all over the world. Per Olav is one of the few modelers who can tackle any subject with great success, be it civilian or military, vehicles, ships or aircraft, and his builds often include advanced scratch-built elements.
Don’t miss this book filled with inspirational builds and useful tips from the scenic modellng maestro himself.
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Current Series:
AFV Photo Album
Hundreds of previously unpublished photos of armor

On Display
These books consist of 96 pages and features a variety of models of armored vehicles

Master’s Collection 
This series will present a selection of work from top modelers. Approx. 12-15 subject per volume, many of them previously unpublished.

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