July 14, 2014

AK Interactive July 2014 Releases + Price Reductions

The long awaited DAK Profile book that highlights AK releases for July is now in stock. We are also pleased to announce we were able to obtain new lower pricing on all AK Interactive products and we are passing these savings on to our customers.

The latest publication from AK Interactive is the D.A.K. Profile Guide featuring color profiles, along with brief details about each one, of equipment used by the Deutches Afrika Korps (DAK) between 1941 and the end in Tunisia in 1943. It also includes not only German and Italian vehicles, but captured Allied equipment put into DAK service as well.

Starting with a one page introduction that gives a ‘brief history' of the DAK,  there is then an introduction to discuss variations in paint colors, RAL standards, Italian and Allied paints, the weather conditions in North Africa and of course interpreting largely black and white archive photos.  It then breaks down into sections on Light Vehicles, such as motor-bikes and field cars such as the Kubelwagen and suchlike.  Then Medium/Heavy Vehicles that include a wide variety of German, Italian and British trucks, all in use by the DAK.  Section 3 is on Armored Fighting Vehicles, and these vary from light armored and scout cars such as the Sdkfz 222, AB41, and Dingo through all the many types of half-track and on to SP guns and tanks.  These in turn vary from the little Italian CV33, to Pz I, II, III, IV and Tiger.  Section four is on Artillery, and this includes towed artillery as well as some vehicle mounted Flak guns and which is brought to a close with the inclusion of the colours and markings used on the Fiesler Storch used by Rommel when he was commander of the DAK.  Then finally you have some notes and illustrations on German and Italian markings and some notes on German colors at different stages of the campaign.  Sprinkled throughout are some archive photos, showing some of the equipment featured in the profiles.

This is very much a book for modelers as well as of interest to historians. As AK Interactive have appropriate paints and weathering materials already in their range, the AKI 550 Africa Korps Colors Acrylic Set, and the AKI 068 DAK Weathering Set this will obviously complement those and intended no doubt to spark some ideas of to encourage you to have a go at some DAK modelling.  With over 170 profiles in the book, there is plenty to choose from.

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