June 05, 2014

Product Spotlight: Micro Stix Adhesive Tip Applicators

Here’s a great little product if ever I saw one; what you have here are lots of small sticks with a blob at one end (which resembles that clear gummy glue that’s used to glue samples into magazines) that is capable of sticking to small parts and transferring them to your model. The concept behind the Micro Stix is to provide a small disposable adhesive tip applicator to place fragile parts while gluing or holding parts for detail work.  This is very clever for many reasons, firstly because it can be very tricky using tweezers to transfer small parts from your workbench to your model. You simply pick up your part using the handle and gently press the Micro Stix blobby end against your part and it will hold securely enough to be transferred to its intended location. 
    These are small sticks, roughly four inches long, with a small blob of sticky material on the end. There are two colors of sticks: green and blue. The green is labeled "Smart Hold", while the blue is "Original Hold". The difference is the amount of stickiness found in the blob at the end. The Original Hold Stix has a stronger hold, while the Smart Hold Stix has less stick. Each has its application, and both will be useful on the workbench.
    The adhesive is “pressure sensitive” which means that it sticks tighter the more pressure you use. The instructions state that you are to pick something up, place it where you want, and twist the stick to release it. I was curious about the adhesive as it sort of “gets dirty” as it’s used. Can they be renewed by a quick rinse in the sink? Nope. Rinsing the Micro Stix just got it wet. And it seems that these sticks are really sticky for a while and then they get unsticky pretty fast as they pick up debris. They are disposable, of course, so this is expected. And you get a lot of life out of one stick. 
    Micro Stix come in a package of 16 sticks and the packaging is brilliant. You can take out one stick as needed and close the rest up securely, keeping the package dust free. It closes securely so you can stick these in a drawer or hang on a hook in your workshop and not have packaging hanging open.
   Micro Stix is an absolute boon to anyone working with models and figures as they worked exactly as promised.

Micro Stix Strong Hold Adhesive Tip Applicators
HSX-0030 Micro Stix Strong Hold Adhesive Tip Applicator (16) 
HSX-0031 Micro Stix Quick Release Adhesive Tip Applicator (16) 

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