June 22, 2014

Figure of the Week #59: General Custer by Atlantic

This week (June 25th) marks the anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn or Custer's Last Stand so what better way to highlight this then with a FOTW featuring Custer himself. What we have here is the Atlantic 60mm, soft plastic Custer of 1970s-80s vintage. He is one of the great figures from the boxed General Custer set pictured below depicting the famous Last Stand. No matter that Custer was not a general by the time of the Little Bighorn we love Atlantic and their unique Far West series anyway. There are also several great sets of Indians for what good is a Last Stand if no one is attacking you? 
Note: Atlantic sets were issued unpainted and these have been pro painted in acrylics. 

Atlantic was an Italian maker producing most all of their figures in both 60 and 25mm. In their 60mm themed western sets you would typically get between 8 to 12 unique poses and often some accompanying accessory pieces. Atlantic was imported extensively through the USA and could be found in hobby shops everywhere before its demise in the 1980s. Atlantic western figures were copied by the South American company Gulliver and issued both painted and unpainted but these figures are somewhat smaller due to copying form the originals.

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