September 17, 2014

One if by Sea....Two if by Land... Three if by Wargames Factory = New Rev War in 28mm Plastic

Wargames Factory are making good on their promise to bring the American War of Independence to life on the tabletop with their new range of 28mm plastic sets. These figures are designed to work in conjunction with the new rule system 'Land of the Free' by Joe Krone to be published this fall by Osprey.

The first three sets are 
WGF-HM04 British Infantry

WGF-HM05 Continental Infantry

WGF-HM06 Colonial Militia

Coming this Fall

This set of rules allows players to start with small warbands of 10-20 miniatures of any scale and develop their forces over time, building them up into armies of hundreds of models! No matter the size of a player's collection, these rules will provide an enjoyable game. 

Each player will build their forces using a unique system of command points. Throughout the game these command points will be used to perform actions, resolve morale tests, and reduce the enemy's will to fight. Resource management is determining what command points will be used for which elements and which actions. Risk management is evaluating whether you should extend your command point resources at the danger or exhausting your army and making them susceptible to counter-attack. Victory is determined by who holds the field of battle and which objectives were achieved.

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