May 15, 2014

Uniform Painting Reference Material- German Uniforms WWII

Nothing beats the real thing when it comes to referencing colors for painting uniforms. Here are some excellent uniform guides. Clicking will enlarge images

German Army WWII
Fallschirmjäger Unteroffizier (Corporal), 1944 
01 - Fallschirmschützen-Stahlhelm 38 jump helmet
02 - Fallschirmschützen Bluse camouflage sweatshirt in "Splittermuster" camo, rank insignia on the sleeves, Luftwaffe eagle on the right breast
03 - M-37 trousers
04 - M-38 gas mask in a tarpaulin bag
05 - 9 mm MP-40 SMG
06 - ammo pouches for MP-40, main belt and webbing
07 - M-31 canteen in "Fliegerblau"- "aviation blue"
08 - M-31 breadbag
09 - folding shovel
10 - Ziess 6x30 binoculars
11 - boots

German Captain (Hauptmann), 1940 
01- M-38 officers' forage cap
02 - M-35 helmet with Heeres markings
03 - M-35 officers' jacket, white markings on the collar tabs and shoulder straps (Waffenfarbe Weiss)- infantry
04 - M-34 officers' belt
05 - Zeiss 6x30 binoculars
06 - SA sport badge
07 - compass
08 - M-35 map pouch
09 - holster for Luger P-08 pistol
10 - offciers' gloves
11 - boots
12 - watch

German Cavalry Sergeant Major (Oberwachtmeister) 1939-40 
01 - M-35 steel helmet
02 - feldgrau jacket with gold ("Waffenfarbe Goldgelb") markings of the cavalry
03 - Steingrau cavalry breeches
04 - black leather belt
05 - holster for Luger P-08 pistol
06 - leather webbing- "Koppeltraggestell"
07 - cavalry boots with spurs
08 - M-38 gas mask
09 - anti-mustard gas cloth
10 - trumpet

German Corporal (Unteroffizier), 1939-1940
01 - M-35 field jacket with Unteroffizier's insignia
02 - M-35 steel helmet with Heeres markings
03 - Zeltbahn M-31 tent cloth in “Splittermuster” camo
04 - Grey ("Steingrau") trousers
05 - leather belt
06 - anti-mustard gas cloth
07 - M-38 gas mask
08 - M-24 grenade
09 - black leather ammo pouches
10 - M-31 aluminium canteen
11 - boots
12 - 7,92 mm Mauser 98k rifle
13 - Seitengewehr 84/98 bayonet
14 - wire cutting shears

Panzertruppe Leutnant, 1939 
01 - officers' cap with with pink band of the armored corps ("Waffenfarbe Rosa")
02 - black officers' jacket, Prussian Death Hussars' Totenkopf on the collar tabs.
03 - grey shirt 
04 - armored troops' trousers
05 - officers' boots
06 - headphones
07 - laryngophone
08 - protective goggles
09 - M-34 leather belt
10 - leather holster for Luger P-08 pistol
11 - leather gloves
12 - standard grey socks
13 - M-31 Meldetasche- map pouch
14 - Zeiss 6x30 binoculars

Private, Volksgrenadier Division, Italy/Greece, 1944
01 - M-40 helmet
02 - M-43 summer jacket
03 - ski trousers
04 - shirt
05 - socks
06 - boots
07 - M-41 leggins
08 - main belt
09 - ammo pouches
10 - M-38 webbing
11 - military songbook
12 - M-24 grenade
13 - face net
14 - M-38 gas mask
15 - 7,92 mm Mauser 98k rifle
16 - M-84/98 bayonet
17 - "Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen"- Infantry assault badge

SS- Haupsturmfuhrer (Captain)
01 - M-38 SS officers' jacket, with SD rhombus on the left sleeve, silver chevron on the right sleeve means that the uniform owner joined NSDAP before 30.01.1933
02 - Schirmmütze officers' cap
03 - M-44 officers' trousers
04 - M-34 officers' belt
05 - Decorations:
- Iron Cross 1st Class
- ribbons: "Kriegsverdienstkreuz" (war service cross), medal for the winter campaign on the eastern front 1941/42, bronze SA sport badge
06 - Ehrendegen des Reichsführers-SS, "Reichsfuhrer's Honorary Sword"
07 - Totenkopfring der SS

SS-Reiter (Private), 8. SS-Kavallerie Division "Florian Geyer", Summer 1944 
01 - M-40 Feldmutze field cap
02 - M-40 helemt with SS badges
03 - Feldbluse 44- new sweatshirt, inspired by the British battle dress, cavalry markings on the shoulder straps
04 - trousers
05 - M-35 belt
06 - wool shirt
07 - M-39 webbing
08 - "Florian Geyer" division armband
09 - woollen gloves
10 - Panzerfaust 60
11 - 7,92 mm Sturmgewehr 44
12 - M-84/98 bayonet 
13 - tarpaulin ammo pouches
14 - M-24 grenade
15 - Waffen SS payment book
16 - M-31 canteen
17 - M-43 leather boots
18 - leggins

Waffen SS Sturmmann (Corporal), Normandy 1944
01 - M-40 helmet with SS badges
02 - M-43 SS Feldbluse, Sturmmann's insignia on the collar tabs and left sleeve, Iron Cross 2nd Class ribbon on the button
03 - trousers from the Drillichtanzug 43 uniform, in "Tupfenmuster" camo
04 - SS main belt with webbing
05 - Patronentasche für MP-Magazine, ammo pouches for MP-38/40
06 - map pouch
07 - 9 mm MP-40 SMG
08 - breadbag, canteen, Zeltbahn tent cloth
09 - boots
10 - gas mask canister

Sergeant Major (Feldwebel), Luftwaffe, Africa, 1943
01 - M-41 field cap with Luftwaffe eagle
02 - M-41 Luftwaffe tropical jacket, yellow collar tabs of the flying personnel
03 - linen trousers
04 - main belt with holster for the P-08 pistol
05 - "Afrika" armband of the Luftwaffe's African theater units
06 - leather gloves
07 - oxygen mask (bomber version)
08 - linen pilots' cap with earphones
09 - life jacket
10 - leather boots
11 - aviation goggles
12 - Kappmesser M-37 knife
13 - "Hankart" watch
14 - compass
15 - map
16 - Deutsches Kreuz in Gold- Golden German Cross, established 1941
17 - Iron Cross 1st Class
18 - Luftwaffe pilot badge
19 - bomber crew badge
20 - pilot's military ID

Captain (Kapitanleutnant)- U-boat Commander, 1941
01 - officers' jacket, Kapitanleutnant insignia 
02 - Kninght's Cross of the Iron Cross
03 - U-boat crew badge
04 - Unofficial badges of the 1st and 9th U-boat flotilas
05 - cigarettes
06 - Kriegsmarine officers' cap
07 - leather gloves
08 - leather "U-Boot-Päckchen" - U-boat battle dress
09 - boots
10 - "Junghans" watch
11 - naval binoculars

I came across this paint guide some years back and found it invaluable over the years and thought I should pass it along... A general Vallejo Model Color paint guide for WWII German Uniforms & Equipment

Uniforms V70830 German Field Gray
Collar V70970 Deep Green
Jack boots Black
Low boots V70822 German Brown Black
Waders V70830 Field Gray
Webbing Black V70822 German Brown Black
Ammo pouches V70822 German Brown Black
Haversack V70986 Deck Tan
Canteen V70822 German Black Brown
Or V70846 Mahogany Brown
Mess Tin V70967 Olive Green
Gasmask Can V70922 Neutral Gray
Helmet V70995 German Grey
Reed Green Uniform V70920 German Uniform

Basic Uniform 1939+
Tunic German uniform V70920
Trousers Neutral grey V992
Webbing Black V70950
Ordinance Green Yellow Olive V892
Field cap German fieldgrey WWII V70830
Helmet Olive Green V70967
Tunic Collar Black green V70980

Basic Uniform 1941+
Tunic German fieldgrey WWII V830
Trousers German fieldgrey WWII V70830
Webbing Black V70950
Ordinance Green Yellow Olive V70892
Field cap German fieldgrey WWII V70830
Helmet Olive Green V70967
German Grey V70995*
Tunic Collar German fieldgrey WWII V70830  

Basic Uniform 1944+
Tunic Russian Uniform V70924
Trousers Russian Uniform V70924
Webbing Black V70950
Ordinance Green Yellow Olive V70892
Field cap German fieldgrey WWII V70830
Helmet Olive Green V70967
German Grey V70995*
Tunic Collar Russian Uniform V70924
Ammo Pouches HL Grey V70994

Uniform Variations 1944+
Tunic English uniform V70921
Trousers English uniform V921
Webbing Yellow ochre V70913
HL Grey V70994
Ordinance Green Yellow ochre V70913
Field cap Russian Uniform V70924
Helmet Yellow ochre V70913
Anklets Green V70975

Tropical Uniform/Desert
Uniform Yellow ochre V70913
Khaki V70988
Desert Yellow V70977
Webbing Mahogany brown V70846
Sand Yellow V70916
Ordinance Yellow Dark sand V847
Field cap Yellow ochre V70913
Helmet Tan Yellow V70912
Boots Red Leather V818

Panzer Crew 1939-1945
Field Cap Neutral Grey V70992
Beret Black V70950
Officer Cap German Uniform V70920
Cap/Tunic/Trousers Black V70950
Grey V70994
Waffenfarbe Sunset Red V70802
Belt/Boots Black V70950
Grey V70994
Shirt/Gloves Neutral Grey V70992

Splinter Camo
Base Color (pale) Pastel Green V70885
Base Color (dark) Russian Uniform V70924
Base Color (marsh) Buff V70976
Brown Color Beige Brown V70875
Green Color Luftwaffe Cam Green V70823
Raindrop color Black Green V70980

Bread Bag German Grey V70995
Webbing/Pouches Chocolate Brown V70872
Water Bottles Chocolate Brown V70872
Holsters Chocolate Brown V70872

1939-1940 Plain Green
Helmet German Grey V70995
Smock/Helmet Cover Green Grey V70886
Trousers/Pouches Field Grey V70830

Crete-1945 Splinter
Smock/Cover German Camo Beige- base V70821
Luftwaffe Camo Green-camo V70823
Flat Brown-camo V70984
Trousers/Pouches Fieldgrey V70830

N. Africa and Italy Camo
Smock/cover German Camo Beige-base V70821
Luftwaffe Camo Green-camo V70823
Flat Brown-camo V70984
Trousers/Pouches Desert Yellow V70977

Italian Camo Pattern 
Olive Grey-base V70888
Germ Camo Med Brown-camo V70826
Sand Yellow-camo V70916     

Zeitbahn base V70821, geometric pattern V70826, V70890
SS Collars Black/ V70896 Extra Dark Green
Haversack V70886 Green Grey
V70986 Deck Tan
V70819 Iraqi Sand
V70977 Desert Yellow
Mess Tin/ Gasmask V 995 German Grey
Helmet V 995 German Grey
Ammo Cans PS Panzer Dark Yellow
SMG Ammo Pouches V 914 Green Ochre
Map Cases " "
Map/Binoc Cases GW Dark Flesh
Geibersjager Anorak 66% V887 Brown Violet, 33% V992 Neutral Grey
M39 Grenade V975 Green
Field Flask V875 Beige Brown
V70822 Brown
Cookpot V790 Silver
M38 Gasmask case V896 Dark Green
Gas Cape V975 Green
V70886 Green Grey
Spade Holder V994 Grey 
Scabbard Black

Camo Patterns
Splinter Base V70 21 Germ Camo Beige, geometric splotch V70 26 Germ Camo Med Brown, V70823; rain dashes V70896
Base Color with V70885 Pastel Green for lighter camo, V70824 for darker camo, or V70876 Buff for marsh pattern. Then add the following in the classic splinter pattern V70875 Beige Brown and V70823 Luft Camo Green; rain dashes V70896.

Oak Leaf Base V70825 , splotch & dots V70977, add V70833 inside splotches and dots.

Base V70825 German Camo Pale Brown, splotch and dot V70962 Black Grey, add V70850 Medium Olive inside splotches and dots.

Plane Tree Base V70833, add splotches V70826, add V70896 on top with holes and dots.

Base V70 25 German Camo Pale Brown, dark spots V70 22 German Camo Black Brown, light spots V70857 Golden Olive, dark green fields V70833 Germ Camo Bright Green.

Pea Dot Base V70 35 Salmon Rose; V70988 Khaki, V70825 Germ Camo Pale Brown, V70822 German Camo Black Brown, V70833 German Camo Bright Green.

Base V70812 Tan Yellow, then add patches of V70825 German Pale Camo Brown and V835 Salmon Rose, then over that add dots of V70822 German Camo Black Brown,V70833 German Camo Bright Green and V70835 Salmon Rose.

Palm Base V70929 Light Brown + V70805 German Orange; V70822 German Black Brown, V70833 German Bright Green.

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