May 19, 2014

Tools of the Trade: Mr. Cap Opener, Bet You Didn't Even Know You Needed One!

GSI Creos aka Gunze Sangyo GT56 Mr. Cap Opener
This tool will remove the caps from the Mr Color, Mr Metal, Tamiya and similar size paint jars. The best way to describe it is a ‘3-way’ tool as it is designed to open 3 different types of lids from this manufacturer. The clear blue component of this set is actually a rubber/gel cup in which you sit the glass bottle into in order to be able to grip it. The yellow ‘ring spanner’ looking part has ends with serrations with a different ‘pitch’ on either side. One side of this spanner is designed to open the Mr. Hobby brand of paint, while the other is designed to open their GSI Creos brand. You simply push the spanner onto the ridges of the cap, and gripping the glass base within the rubber, you twist open the offending paint pot. That rubber/gel grip has amazing grip properties. There’s not much I can say except that this works and it works very well indeed. A simple idea that works beautifully and you didn't even know you needed one!

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