May 30, 2014

The Decay of MIG Productions...June releases Now Available!

Now available are these great new weathering products fro MIG.

“Decay Wash” is intended to enhance the weathering of decayed, destroyed or abandoned subjects. Extreme Rust and Light Sand round out the latest unique washes from MIG Productions. 
P306 - Decay Wash 
P307 - Extreme Rust Wash 
P308 - Light Sand Wash

Rounding out the MIG releases for June are four very useful new colors in the 502 Abteilung Oil paint range.

ABT230 502 Abteilung Oils- Blue Green for German Grey 
ABT235 502 Abteilung Oils- Intense Blue for German grey 
ABT240 502 Abteilung Oils- Cream Brown for German Yellow 
ABT245 502 Abteilung Oils- Sand Brown for German Yellow 

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