June 19, 2014

Napoleon's Retreat 1812 By Black Hawk Toy Soldier

Napoleon's Retreat 1812 is the new 18 piece range from Black Hawk Toy Soldier depicting the French army's famous winter retreat from Moscow.
Napoleon's Retreat 1812
BHT-BH-1001 Napoleon on Horseback 
BHT-BH-1002 Murat on Horseback 
BHT-BH-1003 Chasseur à Cheval of the Guard 
BHT-BH-1004 Ney on Horseback 
BHT-BH-1005 Polish Lancer on Horseback 
BHT-BH-1006 Cantinière 
BHT-BH-1007 Dragoon with Woman and Child 
BHT-BH-1008 Sapper with Child 
BHT-BH-1009 Walking Grenadier of the Guard 
BHT-BH-1010 Walking Hussar 
BHT-BH-1011 Eagle Bearer 
BHT-BH-1012 Grenadier Drummer 
BHT-BH-1013 Walking Cuirassier with Horse 
BHT-BH-1014 Walking Infantryman 
BHT-BH-1015 Dead Infantryman 
BHT-BH-1016 Surrounded by Wolves 
BHT-BH-1017 Cossack Charge 

Black Hawk Toy Soldier is an exciting company from Andrea Miniatures of Spain offering the finest in pre-finished historical miniatures. Backed by Andrea's 30 years in the historical figure market these are the most historically accurate, true 54mm hand painted pewter figures available today. Unique to Black Hawk Toy Soldier is that each series is designed to be a self contained range that offers a complete representation of the period being recreated either as one large diorama or a series of small vignettes with the series.

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