May 26, 2014

Lori Nix – Not a Name Heard of Before in Modelling Circles

Lori Nix – not a name we had heard of before in modelling circles but one I am sure will be known pretty soon. This artist has published a book, "The City" of her artistic re-creations of real life that will surely get modeler’s thoughts running into creating scenes just like this. The dioramas range from 20 inches to almost six feet in diameter and take seven months to build and three weeks to photograph. Each scene is built inside her home in Brooklyn with the help of her partner Kathleen. Most of the dioramas are completely handmade. However for some, she builds the scene around a found object.

Over the past eight years, Lori Nix has created meticulously detailed model environments and then photographed them locations within a fictional city that celebrate modern culture, knowledge, and innovation. But her monuments of civilization and material culture in The City are abandoned, in a state of ruin where nature has begun to repopulate the spaces. “I am fascinated; maybe even a little obsessed, with the idea of the apocalypse. In addition to my childhood experiences growing up with natural disasters in Kansas, I also watched disaster flicks in the 1970s—Towering Inferno, Earthquake, Planet of the Apes—sitting in awe in the dark. Each of these experiences has greatly influenced my photographic work.” Nix considers herself a “faux landscape photographer” and spends months building the complex spaces before photographing them. Click here for more great images

Check out the astonishing new modelling gallery book from Lori Nix "The City"

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