June 26, 2014

Paint Away the Lazy Days of Summer with New Vallejo Paint Sets!

Vallejo Stahlhelm Series
The first two sets in the latest Vallejo range Stahlhelm Series paint sets are now available. These are designed by Jaume Ortiz, a worldwide recognized painter of WWII German subjects. Each set includes detailed step-by-step leaflets that will guide you through the process and will provide useful hints and tricks. The Waffen-SS set even includes some new formulated colors made for the set.

VLJ-P70180 WWII German Waffen SS Camouflage

VLJ-P70181 WWII German Field Grey Uniforms

Vallejo War Games Paint Series
Two more sets** have been released in the  range Vallejo War Game Paint Series, which includes 6 x 6 color nation sets and 2 x 8 color basics sets: British Infantry, German Infantry, German Armor, German SS, Soviet Infantry, US Infantry, Infantry Basics and Vehicle Basics.

These sets all contain standard Model Color paints but are packaged in convenient matched sets that take the guess work out of choosing the correct colors. Each box comes with an illustrated paint guide (using Plastic Soldier Company miniatures) so you can get your armies on the table and flogging it out! Perfect for any gaming system such as Flames of War, Battlegroup or Bolt Action or any WW2 scale for that matter. The 8 color basics sets are perfect for the essential colors needed to paint any WW2 vehicle or figure when combine with the 6 color nation sets.

VLJ-P70153 War Games Paint Series - WWII British Paint Set 
VLJ-P70154 War Games Paint Series - WWII German Infantry 
VLJ-P70158 War Games Paint Series - WWII German SS 
VLJ-P70159 War Games Paint Series - WWII Soviet Army 
VLJ-P70160 War Games Paint Series - WWII US Infantry 
**VLJ-P70156 War Games Paint Series - WWII Infantry Basic 
**VLJ-P70157 War Games Paint Series - WWII Vehicle Basic

The Vallejo AFV Armour Painting System expands with the addition of three new sets.
VLJ-78412 US Vietnam Olive Drab AFV Paint Set 
VLJ-78413 NATO Armour Camouflage Colors Set 
VLJ-78414 German Camouflage 1943-44 Colors Set

The AFV Painting Systems from Vallejo are complete sets of paints and weathering products designed to give contrast to any build by using different shadings of colors to manipulate light and shadow to increase the depth resulting in a more realistic outcome to the finished model. The AFV Painting Systems consist of the seven sets of paint along with two weathering sets aimed to support two paint sets each. Each of the painting system sets are designed to be a complete set of paints to adequately prime, paint and seal any model within the scope of the individualized set color format
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