December 15, 2014

The Best Products of 2014: All Quiet on the Martian Front. The WWI - Sci-Fi - Steampunk Game

Enter the world of alternative historical gaming with the highly popular All Quiet on the Martian Front  the game with WWI-like weapons and Martian Advanced Technology, that breathes new life into the Classic Earth Invasion. This 15mm battle game in miniature is set during the second Martian War, circa 1910.  After their first defeat a few years earlier at the hands of stiff British resistance and unexpected environmental factors, the Martians have returned. Set in the beginning of the second decade of the Twentieth Century. All Quiet on the Martian Front starts in an exciting time that’s filled with the smoke of countless factories creating the first tanks, automobiles, aeroplanes, lightning guns and more. Larger than life historical figures like Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and many others lead the fight against the soulless Martian invaders.

This time the Martians have started their invasion from the New World and they established themselves well before surging forward in an unstoppable tide of destruction.  The game begins on the Mississippi Defense Line, with America desperately trying to hold back the Martian advance.  Super weapons by Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison are being rushed to the front. President Roosevelt leads the nation against the blood sucking Martians and their incredible machines.  Henry Ford works feverishly to produce as many of the new steam powered tanks for the front as possible.  J.P. Morgan, Carnegie and Rockefeller work together to make the fearsome new Land Ironclads a reality.  The United Kingdom, experienced with anti- Martian war, sends the British Expeditionary Force to help.  France and Germany, untouched by any Martian machines, gather forces and build armies, but for what purpose? Black Dust, Heat Rays, tanks upon tanks as well as miles and miles of trenches and traps…they all form the backdrop for Tripods vs. Tanks with lightning guns, Rough Riders on early Harleys, and lots more.

In All Quiet on the Martian Front mankind is fighting for survival: upon the steppes of Russia, across the sands of Egypt, amongst the foothills of the Himalayas, but nowhere more fiercely than in the United States of America. Our game puts you in command of the embattled armies of humanity or their implacable adversaries the Martian invaders. These opposing forces are represented by models of alien Tripod war machines armed with heat rays, black dust, and green mist, and Martian Made Human Zombie Slaves on one side versus all the tanks, infantry, artillery and other weaponry that humanity can muster on the other. Your model armies clash over a tabletop turned into a battlefield by the addition of model terrain, fortifications, and alien constructions from mysterious Cylinders to towering fortifications.

- Truly innovative game system developed by some of the world’s best game designers such as Rick Priestley, Alessio Cavatore, and Ernie Baker.

- Initiative based system that determines who goes first that turn.

- Scalable game system allow players to start out with a few tripods and tanks with the ability to progress to play truly massive conflicts.

- This is a unit based game of massive conflict rather than a skirmish game.

- Rules designed for massive battles made possible through the use of 15mm (18mm) scale miniatures.

- The rules system is highly flexible and allows for hidden movement and ambushing.

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AQ001 All Quiet On The Martian Front Starter Game 
ACC002 All Quiet On The Martian Front Hardcover Rulebook 

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