April 01, 2014

Product Spotlight: Painting Boards for Figures - Imported from Germany

Fredericus Rex
From the land of German engineering comes these handy painting boards for figures. There are two styles. One has a paint strip with six places for inserts. Included are 20 disc inserts. Simply tack down your figure on the disc and put in the painting strip. The figures can be rotated while painting or sculpting. The inclined painting board is covered with soft foam rubber for comfortable resting of hands while painting Optimal alignment of figures for the painter with both hands free. Great for small scale figures. #FFR-T-MBVPF

The second board comes with two paint strips and is excellent for painting quantities of the same figures or armies. Tack the figures on the strips and insert it into the painting board which is also inclined and covered with soft foam rubber for comfortable resting your hands while painting masses of figures. #FFR-T-MBFF

Last but not least we have the Figure Holder for For Painting and Sculpting small scale figures. Holds small scale figures securely. Good for 15mm to 28mm. 

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