May 23, 2014

Locked & Loaded with New AMMO of MIG Weathering Products

The May Releases from AMMO of MIG are now in-stock including...Crystal Acrylic paint. Available in four colors this paint is designed to represent glass surfaces such as headlights, tail lights, lens, infrared visors, tinted glass surfaces and hundreds of other uses.

Crystal Acrylic Paint 17ml. Bottle
A.MIG.0092 Crystal Green Acrylic Paint
A.MIG.0093 Crystal Red Acrylic Paint
A.MIG.0094 Crystal Glass Acrylic Paint
A.MIG.0095 Crystal Smoke Acrylic Paint

Airplane Weathering Range
A.MIG-7414 Panel Line Wash Set: German Early Fighters And Bombers 
A.MIG-7415 Panel Line Wash Set: German Late Fighters 
A.MIG-7416 Panel Line Wash Set: RAF Fighters And Bombers 
A.MIG-7417 Panel Line Wash Set: WWII Pacific US Navy Airplanes 
A.MIG-7418 Panel Line Wash Set: WWII Japanese Airplanes 
A.MIG-7419 Panel Line Wash Set: US Navy Gray Jets 
A.MIG-7420 Aircraft Weathering Set: Airplanes Engines And Exaust
A.MIG-7421 Aircraft Weathering Set: Airplanes Dust Effects

10 new colors in the pigment range
A.MIG-3010 Concrete Pigment 
A.MIG-3011 Airfield Dust Pigments 
A.MIG-3012 Sand Pigment
A.MIG-3013 Rubble Pigment 
A.MIG-3014 Russian Earth Pigment 
A.MIG-3015 Brick Dust Pigment 
A.MIG-3016 White Pigment 
A.MIG-3017 Primer Red Pigment 
A.MIG-3018 Middle East Dust Pigment 
A.MIG-3019 Army Green Pigments 

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