April 17, 2014

Digital Delights: Step by Step The Digital Magazine Specializing in Historical Miniatures

Step by Step is a new digital publication specializing in historical miniatures. Produced in Spain Issues 1-4 are in Spanish only but Issue 5 marks the first volume to be published in English. This issue could be called the ‘Bust’ issue as it contains only historical busts. Seven busts are featured across 48 pages. Five of the busts are featured in short 2-6 page articles containing historical background and basic painting techniques and the paints used to achieve them. The other two busts are featured in true a Step by Step format. The Jacobite Highlander is featured in eighteen highly detailed pages with a complete Step by Step tutorial. The Germanic Warrior is detailed in an eight page Step by Step tutorial. State of the art photography brings all these figures to life. As with most publications translated into English from their native language this one takes a little bit of reading  and rereading to get into the flow of the text but once you get the gist of it it’s pretty easy to follow. Anyone looking for true Step by Step tutorials for painting historical busts will find the $8.99 price a worthwhile investment. 

Available Pocket Mags in all formats including iOS, Android, Playbook, Windows 8 and On-line

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