March 11, 2014

Tools of the Trade: Tamiya Electric Handy Drill

There are always those certain tools that change everything. Once you get one of these indispensable tools, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without it! I’ve long been shocked by the seeming non-existence of a cordless (or heck, corded) micro-drill. Yes, there’s the Dremel, but its RPMs blow way past any usefulness for drilling tiny and precise holes.

That brings us to the Tamiya Electric Handy Drill. This is an amazing tool that's perfect for making quick holes in plastic and wood without the burning and melting that you sometimes get from a high-speed tool. It's also perfect for things like drilling out cannon or rifle barrels or holes to thread fiber optic thru for lighting. 

There is one catch however.., this is a functional "model" that you must assemble, just like a car, armor or figure model before using it. The pieces come on plastic sprues, and there is some clean up of the gears and other pieces required. Altogether, I think I spent about 45 minutes on assembly. Once together, this is a very lightweight, simple motorized drill. It doesn't have a lot of torque, it takes a limited diameter of drill bits, and the chuck is the collet type used in Dremels.

Tamiya’s Electric Handy Drill is the kind of tool that I’m shocked isn’t available from dozens of different manufacturers. It is, for all intents and purposes, a battery-powered pin vise that takes human sloppiness out of the drilling equation.


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