March 08, 2014

Scale Matters....The Model Scaler App from Woodland Scenics

In modeling scale matters and there are times when you need to convert a measurement to scale or vice versa. Gone are the days of slide rulers because Woodland Scenics has a free app called Model Scaler which allows you to convert any measurement to a specific scale with ease. 

'Instant scale conversion tool for any modeling scale. Fast, easy and efficient scale model conversion. Quickly convert U.S. Customary and Metric measurements into any scale. Perfect for all scale modelers and tabletop gamers.'

The app opens to an exceedingly simple user interface. There are a series of scales the user can choose from that, when selected, open up the calculator. All you have to do is input the value of the actual size of the object in question, select the unit of measurement, and it will automatically convert it to the scale requested. This also works to scale up from miniature to actual size . The Choose a Scale section lists model railroading G, O, HO, and N scales most prominently and their corresponding numerical scale value is listed to the right, which is also a great reference should you be looking to include some railroad features on your next military diorama. Knowing that O Scale is equivalent to 1/48 scale could come in handy.

General modelers will find the section at the bottom called More Scales most useful and  features 1/72 and 1/32 scale among others. But what about the most popular scale for military modelers? 1/35. Though not a preset value, the app includes an option to create your own custom scale. Just type in the ratio and hit add. Presto, you now have a 1/35 scale conversion tool. There does not appear to be a limitation to the number of custom scales you can add, so if you're a versatile modeler you should be able to cover just about all your scaling needs.

Free and available for iPad, iPhone, Android devices, Kindle Fire, Mac, PC and Linux.

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