March 07, 2014

Product Spotlight: Now at MTSC >> Art of Modelling Magazine

Art of Modelling is considered one of the best modeling magazines available but until now it was only available Dutch, French & German languages. For those of us in the English speaking world who are mentally challenged when it comes to a second language an English version of the magazine is now available with Issue 1, January – February 2014.

This is one of the new breed of magazines. Typified by others like The Weathering Magazine, Ampersand’s “MMiR” and the new PLA editions “Abrams Squad.” These are beautiful magazines of limited release and availability packed with excellent quality pictures and text. While there is advertising in all these publications it is minimal but informative. 

Like these great publications Art of Modelling features beautiful photography, top quality models done by well recognized modellers including Adam Wilder and Pierre Pla. Each article is very well done, with step by step images and descriptions of the build. Another nice feature is the REQUIRED ITEMS list for each build. Even better is that the vast majority of the products used are readily available through most good hobby shops worldwide. Over the years I have spoken to many hobbyists who rely on these ‘how to’ publications to help them along the modeling road and their frustrations at articles that use hard to find or obscure products that many times are not available in their country.

While not specifically an armor or air magazine, AofM provides a great balance of plastic modeling. The articles in the first issue include a great looking T34/76 build, a Cromwell in a winter camouflage, a MIG-21, and a great article on painting and weathering a building and a gallery feature on a science fiction build.

You can get this electronically if that’s your bag from their website and the app stores.

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