March 15, 2014

MichToy's Links & Web Gems: Doctor Cranky's Lab-RAT-ory

Just what the heck is Doctor Cranky's Lab-RAT-ory you ask? Well Virgil Suárez aka: DR. Cranky has a Ph.D. in Styrene-ology & Gunk and is the Chief Crank, mad-model builder & miniaturist in constant search for the perfect technique (s). He tends to work best during lightning storms and through the night. Assisted by well-trained pet Chihuahua named EyeGore he runs the how-tos, reviews, and model building CRANKY SHOW on You Tube showcasing the completed works of the Doctor and other accomplished auto modelers.

In reality this is an excellent You Tube channel and website packed with lot's of great tutorials especially on airbrushing and weathering techniques. Some of you may know of Dr. Cranky from the AK Interactive Book Ratz, Rodz, & Rust: Building Models Cranky's Way and his weathering techniques for non military models. Have look. It's fun and informative way to kill a few hours of your life.

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