March 27, 2014

Ak Interactive Introduces a New Wargame Range of Paint Sets

AK Interactive has just released what is being dubbed the "new generation" acrylic paints. AKI has always been distinguished by the quality of its weathering products and now AKI is doing the same thing for paints with a new generation of acrylics, entirely developed in the AKI laboratories. These new acrylic colors offer all kinds of advantages and improvements that will help you paint your models quickly and smoothly. These colors are specially designed for airbrush and brush use, which do not clog the tip of the airbrush and are easily cleaned with water. 

The first of these new paints are being issued under another new series called  Wargame Akrylic Sets. This series offers a wide range of specific colors for "modulation" painting so each color has tonal variations to give more depth to your model and are specially diluted to create the necessary transparency to paint a model using this method. These sets also incorporate the Scale Reduction Effect*, where the tones are subtly lighter than actual color leading them to appear correct to the eye on smaller scale vehicles. The back of each box contains a step by step explanation of the "modulation" painting process. 

AKI 1124 Wargame Series German Red Primer Modulation & Effects Paint Set 
AKI 1131 Wargame Series Us Olive Drab Modulation & Effects Paint Set 
AKI 1160 Wargame Series German Panzer Grey Modulation & Effects Paint Set  
AKI 1167 Wargame Series German Camouflage Modulation Paint Set 
AKI 1552 Wargame Series German Dunkelgelb Modulation & Effects Paint Set  
AKI 1553 Wargame Series 4Bo Russian Green Modulation & Effects Paint Set 

Scale Reduction Effect*
Scale reduction effect reduces the intensity of a color to replicate its appearance to the human eye at different distances. If you view real vehicles, you may have noticed how the colors on a vehicle fade a bit in intensity the further you get from the subject. The same applies to buildings, cars, etc. Conversely, the perceived colors intensify in hue as you get closer. The scale effect theory states that viewing a 1/72nd scale tank from 12 inches away is the same as looking at the full-scale tank from 72 feet away. Paints for small scale vehicles (those 15mm, 1/72nd and 28mm) in the AK Wargames range incorporate Scale Reduction and are slightly lighter than the actual color leading them to appear correct to the eye.

View a PDF of the latest AK Interactive Catalog Here

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