February 01, 2014

Vallejo Expands Pigment Range With Six New Colors

The excellent range of pigments by Vallejo has expanded to 23 colors with the addition of these six new colors. View the entire range here.

V LJ-73118 Fresh Rust Pigment Powder
VLJ-73119 European Earth Pigment Powder
VLJ-73120 Old Rust Pigment Powder
VLJ-73121 Desert Dust Pigment Powder
VLJ-73122 Faded Olive Green Pigment Powder
VLJ-73123 Dark Steel Pigment Powder

The pigments chosen for Vallejo Pigment range are all earth and iron oxides, especially suitable for all the different climatic and geographical conditions of terrain. They are pigments which are employed in the manufacture of Vallejo colors, and have been especially processed and micronized so that they are very easily dispersed in any liquid medium, from water to acrylic resins or turpentine.

To adhere the pigment to the surface of the model, Vallejo Pigment Binder (26233) is used. You may also use Matte Medium, or Glaze Medium which dries more slowly and allows more time to simulate water and snow run-offs and to move the pigment into and around the details of the model.
Download a PDF of Vallejos Pigment Color Range

Many other special effects can be obtained by mixing pigments with the products in Vallejo's Water & Stone range. For example mix pigments with Transparent Water to achieve effects of oil and grease stains, or Sandy Paste to create a rough, coarse surface for heavy dried mud or flaking deep rust.

These pigments work as well as any I have used, and like all pigments you only need a little as they are very strong colors. Even though the pigments will dry out in your paint tray,  just adding a little water brings them to life again.

Check out Vallejo's Tutorial on Using Pigments on their Facebook page

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