February 01, 2014

Vallejo Adds 5 New Sets to Their AFV Painting System Range

Acrylicos Vallejo has been producing some of the finest quality acrylic paints and finishes to the hobby and craft world since the 1990’s. With thousands of products now all geared toward the modern day modeler, Vallejo continues to be a consistent bench mark in the industry and continues to be on the front lines with new innovative products that are sure to help everyone.

The AFV Painting Systems and weathering sets from Vallejo are complete sets of paints and weathering products designed to give contrast to any build by using different shadings of colors to manipulate light and shadow to increase the depth resulting in a more realistic outcome to the finished model.
The AFV Painting Systems consist of the four sets of paint along with two weathering sets aimed to support two paint sets each. Each of the painting system sets are designed to be a complete set of paints to adequately prime, paint and seal any model within the scope of the individualized set color format. 
The complete sets are as follows
VLJ-78400 AFV German Dark Grey (Dunkelgrau) Painting System
VLJ-78401 AFV German Yellow (Dunkelgelb) Painting System
VLJ-78402 US Army Olive Drab Set Painting System
VLJ-78403 Russian Green 4BO Painting System
VLJ-78405 Yellow-Grey Vehicles Weathering Set
VLJ-78406 Green Vehicles Weathering Set
New For January 2014
VLJ-78407 UK Bronze Green Paint Set 
VLJ-78408 Modern Russian Green Paint Set 
VLJ-78409 German Afrika Korps 1941-42 (DAK) Paint Set
VLJ-78410 German Afrika Korps 1942-44 (DAK) Paint Set
VLJ-78411 German Red Oxide Paint Set
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These reasonably priced sets continued to grow in popularity. An excellent choice for beginning modelers and experts alike. 

Vallejo Press Release: The Vallejo AFV Painting System, presented in collaboration with José Brito, consists in the application of a series of base colors in half and quarter tones, in a gradual change from one shade to another. These effects of light and shadow, contrast and volume, will give the scale model an authentic and realistic appearance. Each set includes step by step and color chart. The  Vallejo AFV Weathering Painting System, also presented in collaboration with José Brito, consists in the application of a series of colors, washes and pigments to achieve weathering and aging effects, it will give the scale model an authentic and realistic appearance.

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