December 21, 2014

Product Spotlight: The Best of 2014- Uschi van der Rosten´s Metallic Polishing Powders

Every once in awhile a product so good and so useful comes along that you wonder how you did without it. After playing around with these polishing powders the last few days I can honestly say these are one of those products. Easy to use with great results, every modeler should have these nearby because you will find yourself reaching for them all the time.

Here's the scoop-  Uschi van der Rosten´s Metallic Polishing Powders is a range of complementary metallizers for creating a natural metal finish (NMF) of iron, steel or chrome. One of the most challenging jobs in scale model building is to turn plastic into metal and make it look like real metal rather than just a paint job. As Uschi says-  During the research for the release of this product, I followed exactly our goal: Make it look like real metal. I also had to keep Uschi´s key requirement in focus: Making things easy. Both have been accomplished and we now have another  powerful tool to make convincing NMF easy.

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USH-4008 Metal Polishing Powder Chrome 
USH-4009 Metal Polishing Powder Steel
USH-4010 Metal Polishing Powder Iron

Click Here for a Step-by-Step Sequence using an engine as an example

Here is an excellent short instructional video on how to use the Uschi van der Rosten metal polishing powders

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