February 26, 2014

Product Spotlight: Collectors Battlefield WWII Wargaming System

Collectors Battlefield in a new gaming system from the folks at Collectors Showcase who have been making 1/30th scale World War II figures and vehicles for years. They have scaled down their WWII range to 28mm and devised a game system around it to offer a complete 28mm wargaming system, complete with quick play rules and a full range of painted figures and vehicles.

• Easy Play Rules
• Fully Painted 28mm armies with individual stat cards
• Fast to set up 28mm skirmish games

Release 1 Ruleset:
D-Day: Battle of Carentan
Complete with 17th SS, 6th Regiment, 101st Airborne, 327th Glider Regiment and 3rd Armor Division with over 100 figures available and seven AFVs.

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