February 17, 2014

Locked & Loaded! It's March Madness as MIG Goes BIG

Ammo of MIG is going BIG this March with no less then 19 new sets of paints and weathering products to be released pretty much all at once. We are currently adding all these new products to our listings and should have all the individual bottles of washes, effects, pigments and paint in stock and listed on our site by the end of the week. Currently Available HERE

For the uninitiated Ammo of MIG  is the new company from Mig Jimenez formally of AK Interactive and before that MIG Productions and the pioneer in commercial modeling effects. It should be noted that all the currently available individual bottles of washes, pigments, effects and auxiliaries have been previously released, and are still available from AK Interactive although at a much higher price. 

Scheduled March Releases
Pre-Order HERE

Acrylic Paint Sets: 
A.MIG-7112 Tool Colors Set
A.MIG-7113 Yom Kippur War Colors Set
A.MIG-7101 Late War German Colors Set
A.MIG-7100 Early/Middle German Colors Set
A.MIG-7115 IDF Colors Set
A.MIG-7114 NATO Color Set

Starter Sets
A.MIG-7407 Panzer Grey Set
A.MIG-7411 Winter Camo Set
A.MIG-7412 German Tanks Set
A.MIG-7413 US Green Vehicles Set

Weathering Sets
A.MIG-7400 Pigment Rust Set
A.MIG-7401 Summer Dust Set
A.MIG-7402 Engines Set
A.MIG-7403 Rusty Vehicles
A.MIG-7404 Fighting Compartment Set
A.MIG-7405 Eastern Front Mud Set
A.MIG-7406 DAK Set
A.MIG-7408 Europe Earth Set
A.MIG-7409 Humidity and Wet Effects
A.MIG-7410 US Modern Vehicles Set
It should be noted the items in the sets listed above are available individually

From MIG:
Until now, all of my products and ideas have been distributed by another company. Finally, all these creations will be produced and distributed by myself under a new brand. With this change I now have complete freedom to control and improve all aspects of production and service, ensuring that our customers receive the finest products and service in the world. A new stage begins, which continues the same path of providing ideas and solutions to my fellow modellers. I want to thank all of you who have shown your unconditional support during this time of transition.

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