February 17, 2014

Links & Web Gems: Prehistoric Bad Boys on the Loose in 1/72nd Scale

Just came across this beautiful set of Tyrannosaurus Rex in 1/72nd scale and made by Geene Models of Mexico. As far as I know these are the first and only dinosaurs available in this scale and I already have my order in for set. The set contains 3 Adult Tyrannosaurus Rex, 1 Juvenile and 1 Duckbill carcass. This is a very limited edition so if this is of interest to you better get your order in soon. 

Set Description from the Geene website
If you think one Tyrannosaurus is scary, how about a whole pack of them?. According to new research, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which has traditionally been seen as a lone wolf kind of dinosaur, hunted in packs. We  illustrate this fact in this incredible detailed set of Tyrannosaurus in 1:72 scale, perfect to fit in any space. If you are a dinosaur enthusiast  you need this in your collection before it sells out. 

A message from John Rosengrant - Academy Award nominated FX Wizard, Stan Winston protégé & Co-Founder of Legacy Effects
"Galileo I love your T-rex! It immediately brings me back to when we were all working on Jurassic Park! The design itself pays a bit of homage to our Rex, which I think is a cool thing. The flow of the scale patterns and your attention to detail are really terrific. It has a dynamic feeling about it as well, which is something Stan always stressed in sculpture. It's impressive in this day and age that you've tackled this subject matter not in the computer, but as a good old school sculpture. The size of it was a bold choice as well. Excellent work, look forward to seeing more of your work in the future."

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