February 09, 2014

Figure of the Week #53: The Beatles- Toy Soldier Style

It’s been 50 years since 73 million people tuned in to The Ed Sullivan Show to watch the Beatles perform live on American TV for the first time. That February 9, 1964 performance helped set Beatlemania in motion. For many, The Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show" was a defining moment comparable to "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" or man's first steps on the moon. The powerful sounds and images of those performances are forever embedded in our minds. 

To honor this grand occasion we have chosen the ‘Toy Soldier” style Swingers Music Set of the four mop-tops as our FOTW. Over the years we have come across these in plastic toy soldier collections we have purchased so they must have appealed to collectors. This is a set of 4 painted hard plastic figures plus 2 microphone stands and drum set unlicensed from the1960s, but obviously The Beatles.  Box design includes mop-top portraits surrounded by musical instruments and words "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" Band members all wear suits in different color combinations, 3 are holding guitars while fourth is seated behind drum set. These are speculated to be intended as cake toppers but easily double as The Beatles- Toy Soldier Style and worthy of our figure of the week.

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