February 15, 2014

Battlefront Flubs New Plastic Panzer IV H

Flames of War has announced a platoon set of plastic Panzer IV H's only to find they have an unfortunate issue with the Schürzen.
The side skirts have four main plates rather than the correct five. Never-the-less they are moving ahead with the release explaining that 'Unfortunately, with the long lead times of plastic tooling and the fact that the production run has already been made, it’s too late to fix the error in the short term.' And offering...because we are still releasing the Panzer IV H (which is still, in our humble opinion, a fantastic model!) we want to make sure that our customers have the ability to have the correct number of schürzen panels. So, we are offering to send the old plastic schürzen sprues to anyone who asks for them to replace the ones on the sprue.' So that leaves collectors the task of requesting an old tooling sprue to correct mistakes on a $45.00 retail set. You think they could do better then that!  Battlefronts detailed explanation can be found HERE

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