February 27, 2014

Image for The MichToy Caption Contest #27

Here is this weeks image for The MichToy Caption Contest #27
Come up with the wittiest caption for this image you will win a $25.00 gift card from MTSC. Just think... you get free money and you get show off your comedic charms that will fly around the world via our Newsletter, Blog & Facebook page. We will post the winning right here.  You 

MichToy Caption Contest 26 Winner!

It's Thursday so...
We Have a Caption Contest 26 Winner! 
Bill Schreiber who entered via our Facebook page is this weeks winner of a $25.00 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier. Thanks Bill and to all of you who entered.

February 26, 2014

Product Spotlight: Collectors Battlefield WWII Wargaming System

Collectors Battlefield in a new gaming system from the folks at Collectors Showcase who have been making 1/30th scale World War II figures and vehicles for years. They have scaled down their WWII range to 28mm and devised a game system around it to offer a complete 28mm wargaming system, complete with quick play rules and a full range of painted figures and vehicles.

• Easy Play Rules
• Fully Painted 28mm armies with individual stat cards
• Fast to set up 28mm skirmish games

Release 1 Ruleset:
D-Day: Battle of Carentan
Complete with 17th SS, 6th Regiment, 101st Airborne, 327th Glider Regiment and 3rd Armor Division with over 100 figures available and seven AFVs.

February 22, 2014

New Releases from MIG Productions Now Available

These great new products from MIG Productions are now available.

Surface Textures
MGP-P508 Acrylic Antiskid Paste
Antiskid texture is common on modern armour. Even so, kit manufacturers rarely reproduce that texture in their models. Being a very difficult pattern to reproduce, many modelers do not represent it because it's hard to reproduce accurately. But those times are over and what was a real nightmare, is now a simple and fast process.  MIG Productions presents a new “ready to use” antiskid past. All you have to do is to apply it in the desired spot.

Weathering Pigments
These three colors are perfect for use on dioramas.They will also look great in tank tracks and running gears, and all kind of dioramas, cars, bikes, planes. The applications are endless for these great new pigments colors.
MGP-P056 Weathering Pigment Light Brown Dry Lake
MGP-P057 Weathering Pigment Mid Brown Dry Lake #2 
MGP-P058 Weathering Pigment Brown River Bank

502 Abteilung Oil Paints
Three new oils join the 502 range including a flesh tint perfect for figure modelers. 
MGP-ABT215 Weathering Oil Paint Flesh Shadow
MGP-ABT220 Weathering Oil Paint Dark Brick Red
MGP-ABT225 502 Abteilung Oils-  Weathering Oil Paint Midnight Blue 

February 20, 2014

Hail Caesar! Those who are about to play salute you!

Coming out over a year after their last batch of releases comes five new sets from Caesar Miniatures. Four all new World War II sets are accompanied by a set of Modern US Soldiers in Action. Great to see this popular company back with some great new releases.

HB06 WWII German Army Combat Team 1 
HB07 WWII German Army Combat Team 2 
HB08 WWII German Army Sturmpioniere 
HB09 WWII German Army in Stalingrad 
HB11 Modern US Soldiers in Action 
You can order these HERE

Links & Web Gems: Figure Painter Magazine Issue 10 Now Available

Figure Painter Magazine Issue 10
From the publisher- In this issue we have lots of great articles that are here to help your painting improve. We have two specifically dedicated to airbrushing and a fantastic tutorial from Barry Ford who tackles the monster from the 1951 sci-fi classic "The Thing from another world". We also have the welcome return of “What's on the Market” and our usual goodies. Also, this issue we have a brilliant insight interview with Jessica "Brushmistress" Rich and none other than Rick Priestley who tells us of his days at GW and how he felt when he left and also gets us back up to speed with his latest game system.

FPM is available as a downloaded PDF for less then $2.00 a copy.  FPM is a independent magazine dedicated to sculpting, painting, displaying, collecting and gaming with miniature figures from all genre's. The magazine has details on new releases, reviews, interviews with the industries top painters and sculptors, show reports, tutorials and a user gallery. 

Image for The MichToy Caption Contest #26

Caption Contest #26
This little fellow was submitted by email as a suggestion for the contest so let's see what you can come up with for this weeks MichToy Caption Contest. Come up with the wittiest caption for this image you will win a $25.00 gift card from MTSC. Just think... you get free money and you get show off your comedic charms that will fly around the world via our Newsletter, Blog & Facebook page. We will post the winning entry right here every Thursday.

MichToy Caption Contest 25 Winner!

It's Thursday so...We Have a Caption Contest 25 Winner! 
Bill Accura who entered by email via our newsletter is this weeks winner of a $25.00 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier. Thanks Bill and to all of you who entered.

February 17, 2014

Links & Web Gems: Prehistoric Bad Boys on the Loose in 1/72nd Scale

Just came across this beautiful set of Tyrannosaurus Rex in 1/72nd scale and made by Geene Models of Mexico. As far as I know these are the first and only dinosaurs available in this scale and I already have my order in for set. The set contains 3 Adult Tyrannosaurus Rex, 1 Juvenile and 1 Duckbill carcass. This is a very limited edition so if this is of interest to you better get your order in soon. 

Set Description from the Geene website
If you think one Tyrannosaurus is scary, how about a whole pack of them?. According to new research, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which has traditionally been seen as a lone wolf kind of dinosaur, hunted in packs. We  illustrate this fact in this incredible detailed set of Tyrannosaurus in 1:72 scale, perfect to fit in any space. If you are a dinosaur enthusiast  you need this in your collection before it sells out. 

A message from John Rosengrant - Academy Award nominated FX Wizard, Stan Winston protégé & Co-Founder of Legacy Effects
"Galileo I love your T-rex! It immediately brings me back to when we were all working on Jurassic Park! The design itself pays a bit of homage to our Rex, which I think is a cool thing. The flow of the scale patterns and your attention to detail are really terrific. It has a dynamic feeling about it as well, which is something Stan always stressed in sculpture. It's impressive in this day and age that you've tackled this subject matter not in the computer, but as a good old school sculpture. The size of it was a bold choice as well. Excellent work, look forward to seeing more of your work in the future."

Locked & Loaded! It's March Madness as MIG Goes BIG

Ammo of MIG is going BIG this March with no less then 19 new sets of paints and weathering products to be released pretty much all at once. We are currently adding all these new products to our listings and should have all the individual bottles of washes, effects, pigments and paint in stock and listed on our site by the end of the week. Currently Available HERE

For the uninitiated Ammo of MIG  is the new company from Mig Jimenez formally of AK Interactive and before that MIG Productions and the pioneer in commercial modeling effects. It should be noted that all the currently available individual bottles of washes, pigments, effects and auxiliaries have been previously released, and are still available from AK Interactive although at a much higher price. 

Scheduled March Releases
Pre-Order HERE

Acrylic Paint Sets: 
A.MIG-7112 Tool Colors Set
A.MIG-7113 Yom Kippur War Colors Set
A.MIG-7101 Late War German Colors Set
A.MIG-7100 Early/Middle German Colors Set
A.MIG-7115 IDF Colors Set
A.MIG-7114 NATO Color Set

Starter Sets
A.MIG-7407 Panzer Grey Set
A.MIG-7411 Winter Camo Set
A.MIG-7412 German Tanks Set
A.MIG-7413 US Green Vehicles Set

Weathering Sets
A.MIG-7400 Pigment Rust Set
A.MIG-7401 Summer Dust Set
A.MIG-7402 Engines Set
A.MIG-7403 Rusty Vehicles
A.MIG-7404 Fighting Compartment Set
A.MIG-7405 Eastern Front Mud Set
A.MIG-7406 DAK Set
A.MIG-7408 Europe Earth Set
A.MIG-7409 Humidity and Wet Effects
A.MIG-7410 US Modern Vehicles Set
It should be noted the items in the sets listed above are available individually

From MIG:
Until now, all of my products and ideas have been distributed by another company. Finally, all these creations will be produced and distributed by myself under a new brand. With this change I now have complete freedom to control and improve all aspects of production and service, ensuring that our customers receive the finest products and service in the world. A new stage begins, which continues the same path of providing ideas and solutions to my fellow modellers. I want to thank all of you who have shown your unconditional support during this time of transition.

February 16, 2014

Figure of the Week #54: George Washington by W Britains

In trying to figure out a Figure of the Week I decided to go with a holiday theme with it being President's Day this week and all. But just what the heck is President's Day anyway? I know it's the day we have no mail, the banks are closed and every car dealer and furniture store in America has a sale. I even know that government employees get the day off. But just what are we celebrating? I've never been to a President's Day party and most people I know still have to work. Most federal holidays are clear-cut. On the Fourth of July, for example, we celebrate celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. On the other hand, Presidents’ Day is a slightly strange holiday for three main reasons:
* There is no universal agreement on which presidents are being honored.
* There is no universal agreement on the actual name of the holiday.
* There is no agreement on something as simple as whether is an apostrophe in “presidents.”

Ask  a handful of people who the holiday is meant to recognize, and you aren’t likely to get the same answers. In fact, what is generally called Presidents’ Day is still recognized by the U.S. government as Washington’s Birthday.

So how did this holiday come to be ? A little web research told me the National Holiday Act of 1971 passed by Congress created three-day weekends for federal employees by moving the celebration of some holidays to Mondays. Washington’s actual birthday, Feb. 22, became a U.S. government holiday back in 1885 but congress create a Presidents’ Day between Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday February 12. So, today, though the federal holiday is marked on the third Monday in February, there is no agreed-upon name, no universal agreement on who is being celebrated, and the use of the apostrophe in the name is varied: Sometimes it isn’t used at all (as in Presidents Day), sometimes it is placed between the last two letters (President’s Day) and sometimes it is after the last letter  (Presidents’ Day). Put all this together, and it seems fair to see that Presidents’ Day, or President’s Day, or Presidents Day, is a slightly strange holiday.

No matter what the reason for this holiday one thing is clear the Britains figure of George Washington (#18010) is one beautiful figure. Sculpted by Ken Osen this 1/32nd scale pewter figure depicting Washington as a general in the American Revolution was originally issued in 2009 and is still available today. So happy happy birthday George and Abe and thank you for being worthy enough to be our FOTW.

February 15, 2014

Tools of the Trade: The Essential Tool Kit for Modelers

Squadron Tools Item Number SQD-50000
A perfect assortment of useful implements applicable to arts, crafts, model building or even light household projects - and all for a can't-be-beat price.
5-1/2" (140mm) Scissors
4-1/2" (114mm) Chain Nose Pliers
4-1/2" (114mm) Straight Tweezers
Hobby Knife
5.8" (147mm) Medium Grip Sanding Stick
5.8" (147mm) Fine Grit Sanding Stick
Plastic Storage Box

Links & Web Gems: Facebook Finds - Bruce's Scale Modeling Domain

This neat Facebook page titled Bruce's Scale Modeling Domain has a collection of all kinds of models from Cool Dinosaurs to Sci-Fi to Military and everything in-between. Full of tips and links to interesting sites and products. One of those fun, time wasters that sucks you in and won't let you out! Updated daily.

Page Description
Reference Website covering the scale modeling hobby be it plastic or resin, reference materials and updates. We will be sharing these as well as WIPs and techniques on this page

It is my hope that more people, especially the young ones, takes up scale modeling hobby as their favourite past time activity. It really helps with developing your artistic skills and social interaction when you share, enhancing your creativity while promoting your own achievements - so many benefits. Hence this FB page, to share and motivate. Everyone is welcome. All I ask is to help me keep this page positive for everyone’’

Battlefront Flubs New Plastic Panzer IV H

Flames of War has announced a platoon set of plastic Panzer IV H's only to find they have an unfortunate issue with the Schürzen.
The side skirts have four main plates rather than the correct five. Never-the-less they are moving ahead with the release explaining that 'Unfortunately, with the long lead times of plastic tooling and the fact that the production run has already been made, it’s too late to fix the error in the short term.' And offering...because we are still releasing the Panzer IV H (which is still, in our humble opinion, a fantastic model!) we want to make sure that our customers have the ability to have the correct number of schürzen panels. So, we are offering to send the old plastic schürzen sprues to anyone who asks for them to replace the ones on the sprue.' So that leaves collectors the task of requesting an old tooling sprue to correct mistakes on a $45.00 retail set. You think they could do better then that!  Battlefronts detailed explanation can be found HERE

February 13, 2014

Image for The MichToy Caption Contest #25

Caption Contest #25
This unhappy looking German is this weeks image for The MichToy Caption Contest. Come up with the wittiest caption for this image you will win a $25.00 gift card from MTSC. Just think... you get free money and you get show off your comedic charms that will fly around the world via our Newsletter, Blog & Facebook page. We will post the winning entry right here every Thursday.

MichToy Caption Contest 24 Winner!

It's Thursday so...We Have a Caption Contest 24 Winner! Mary Toleson who entered via our Facebook page is this weeks winner of a $25.00 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier. Thanks Mary and to all of you who entered.

February 11, 2014

Product Spotlight: The Weathering Magazine Issue 6 - Kursk plus Vegetation Now Available

I finally got a chance to go through the latest Weathering Magazine which is issue 6. And what a great issue it is. It's the largest issue to date and covers weathering both German and Soviet tanks during the Battle of Kursk but it's applications are not limited to just that battle. Five tanks are featured in beautifully photographed how-to articles along with a Junkers JU876-1. The second half of the issue is devoted Vegetation, more specifically scenic and diorama techniques. Just about any type of scenic you prefer is featured here- paper, photo-etched, pre packaged and hand made is presented in excellent how to articles. 

As an added bonus this issue features Flames of Weathering a nice article by Heresy Brush aka Ruben Torregrosa who is featured in our best selling Painting War book. The article covers painting and detailing 15mm armor on the Eastern front. 

The Weathering Magazine is now published independently by Mig Jimenz, Rick Lawler, and Ian Hamilton.

February 09, 2014

Figure of the Week #53: The Beatles- Toy Soldier Style

It’s been 50 years since 73 million people tuned in to The Ed Sullivan Show to watch the Beatles perform live on American TV for the first time. That February 9, 1964 performance helped set Beatlemania in motion. For many, The Beatles on "The Ed Sullivan Show" was a defining moment comparable to "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?" or man's first steps on the moon. The powerful sounds and images of those performances are forever embedded in our minds. 

To honor this grand occasion we have chosen the ‘Toy Soldier” style Swingers Music Set of the four mop-tops as our FOTW. Over the years we have come across these in plastic toy soldier collections we have purchased so they must have appealed to collectors. This is a set of 4 painted hard plastic figures plus 2 microphone stands and drum set unlicensed from the1960s, but obviously The Beatles.  Box design includes mop-top portraits surrounded by musical instruments and words "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" Band members all wear suits in different color combinations, 3 are holding guitars while fourth is seated behind drum set. These are speculated to be intended as cake toppers but easily double as The Beatles- Toy Soldier Style and worthy of our figure of the week.

February 08, 2014

MichToy Product Spotlight: The Lifecolor Master Mixer Set

It doesn't matter how many paints you have, sooner or later you'll find you need colors that aren't there! It could be that the paint shade in question simply isn't available, or that model colors don't match your references. Or it could be that you want variations in the basic color. For small areas and "one-offs", it's often sufficient to mix just a few drops of paint, but for larger models and with colors that you'll need to use repeatedly, an air-tight storage pot is needed. It's also important to have a reliable way to test and replicate your custom-mix accurately, and it's to meet this need that LifeColor have released their Master Mixer set.

The set is packaged in one of LifeColor's standard boxs with instructions in five languages on the back, and comprises:
6 x Empty screw-top plastic 22ml bottles
3 x Plastic pipettes
1 x Master dropper
6 x Blank labels
6 x Test cards
The bottles, pipettes and master dropper are all re-usable.

The paint bottles are the standard LifeColor type. I find these a very handy size, and the design makes them unlikely to tip over accidentally. The screw tops fit firmly but, so far at least, I've never had one stick solid with paint build-up. The labels provided fit precisely and wrap right round the bottle, so I'd actually cut them into smaller sections to allow you see the contents in the clear bottle.

I've used similar pipettes to these before and have found them pretty durable. Unlike those with a rubber nipple, they don't seem as prone to damage if you're using them with strong solvents. Including three in the set is a nice touch, because it saves washing them out continually to avoid contamination as you experiment with blends of different colors.

The test cards are 2.5” x 4” (6cm x 10cm) pieces of good quality white card. You could comfortably cut them into four for economy and still have ample space on each to judge colors.

And, finally, there's the master dropper. I was initially sceptical of this because it's basically a long bolt thread with a rubber handle. Could a screw-thread work better than the flat brush I normally test paints with? The answer is emphatically "Yes!" - the thread wicks up and holds a good quantity of paint, and rolling it on a piece of card produces a thick, even patch of paint.

LifeColor's Master Mixer set is well thought out and should be very useful if you're serious about mixing your own paint. This set is a good way to get you started with everything you require in one pack. By: Rowan Baylis via Aeroscale

February 07, 2014

Scale75 February Releases Announced

Scale75 February Releases Announced
View Them Here

The 9th paint set is added to the popular Scale Color range
SCL-SSE-009 Scale Color
Metal N´Alchemy Steel Series Paint Set 

Plus two new kits:
SCL-SCF-007 Scale World Fantasy:
Khalgrim Gunnarson 
75mm (3 inches or 1/24 Scale)
Material: Metal
Sculpted by Alfonso Prieto
Box art by Alfonso Giraldes

SCL-SCW-009 World at War: Rescue From Hell 
75mm (3 inches or 1/24)
Material: Metal
Sculpted by Angel Terol
Box art by Samuel Perez

February 06, 2014

Image for The MichToy Caption Contest #24.

Here is this weeks image for The MichToy Caption Contest #24.
Come up with the wittiest caption for this image you will win a $25.00 gift card from MTSC. Just think... you get free money and you get show off your comedic charms that will fly around the world via our Newsletter, Blog & Facebook page. We will post the winning right here.  You 

MichToy Caption Contest 23 Winner!

It's Thursday so...We Have a Caption Contest 23 Winner! John Stander who entered via our newsletter is this weeks winner of a $25.00 Gift Card from Michigan Toy Soldier. Wolfgang Lischtansky had a similar entry 'Pull my finger, Schweinehund!' So Wolfgang also will receive a $25.00 card. Thanks to all of you who entered.

Sneak Peek: Expeditionary Force Greeks to Face Massive Persian Armies!

Here's a sneak peek at a test shot and some prototypes of the upcoming Persians that will take on the previously released Greeks. Due this spring, look for more information here as we receive it. Also pictured are the prototypes for the upcoming Civil War Zouaves.