January 03, 2014

Links & Web Gems: Putty&Paint is the new way to share your art in scale.

Putty&Paint is a fantastic website featuring top figure modelers from around the world. It's that and nothing more. Modelers post their own works and can vote on other figures.  If you are looking for inspiration or a good kick in the ass to get you building and painting then this is droll worthy motivator for you! 

Description from the site
On Putty&Paint it’s all about you and your projects. A place for artists to show their latest works and a great source to get inspiration. No forum, no figure shop, no news. There are plenty of other great sites for that.

Putty&Paint is not limited to a specific genre or scale. There are so many different genres in this hobby. Historical painters, scale modelers, concept sculptors, fantasy painters etc. All these genres should influence each other, as each one has it’s own strengths.

Our goal is to present you the best of all scales, and genres to serve you an awesome inspirational and motivational experience.

For whom is Putty&Paint made?
It’s for talented figure painters, sculptors and scale modelers. There is no focus of style, genre or scale. However there is a focus of quality – Putty&Paint is for the best you got. The projects you are proud of and want to share with the world.

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