January 12, 2014

Preview of Upcoming Spanish Civil War Releases from Minairons

Just listed Upcoming Releases from Minairons featuring new 1/72nd scale, 15mm & 28mm figures and vehicles for the Spanish Civil War. Pre-order now and look for these in February. 

15mm or 1/100 Scale
MXM-15GEA001 Polikarpov I-15 fighter 
MXM-15GEV005 Spanish Civil War: T26A/B Light Tank (5) 
MXM-15GEV008 Spanish Civil War: Hispano Suiza MC-36

1/72 Scale
MXM-20GEF001 Spanish Civil War: Republican Infantry 
MXM-20GEF002 Spanish Civil War: Republican HQ & Weapons 
MXM-20GEV001 Spanish Civil War: IGC Sadurni Tank 
MXM-20GEV003 Spanish Civil War: Bilbao Armoured Car
MXM-20GEV004 Pz. Befehlswagen I Ausf. B - German, Hungarian, Spanish Nationalist 

28mm or 1/56 Scale
MXM-28GEV008 Spanish Civil War: Hispano Suiza MC36 Armored Truck 
MAX-28GEV015 Spanish Civil War: Henschel 33 Truck

The Minairons Company line...
Ours is a recently created Catalan company, whose birth date backs to September 2012 and is aimed at producing multi-scale, fast assembly, quality miniatures for wargaming and collecting --generally in hard plastic, but also in resin. The company has been christened as Minairons Miniatures in behalf of the mysterious faeric beings of that name, who are reported to live in the deepest valleys of the Catalonian and Andorran Pyrenees range. Such legendary minairons are said to be minute, winged beings moving in dense, fearsome swarms. As with a number of similar beings of other cultures, minairons enjoy a dual, ambiguous nature; so that meeting them can mean for you a durable blessing --or a fatal doom, even your death. Such are the creatures we have entrusted our fate on

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