January 25, 2014

First To Fight Models Are Now at Michigan Toy Soldier

We are pleased to announce the addition of First To Fight to our product lines. First to Fight is a Polish manufacturer that produces 1/72nd scale "Quick build" model kits focusing on the start of World War II and 1939 invasion of Poland.

From the company web site-
1st September 2014 will mark the 75th anniversary of the start of World War II. On this occasion we present you a unique collection about the Defense of Poland in 1939. Our collection is mainly focused on armament, uniforms and organization of various army formations of both sides of this conflict, as well as more or less known episodes and battles from 1939. The September Campaign is a very important, albeit sometimes forgotten, page in the history of Poland. It is impossible to picture the ethos of Polish fight for independence without the memory of those heroic and often times tragic events. 

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