January 26, 2014

Figure of the Week #50: Killer McBash from the Weird Ohs

It's Super Bowl XLVIII Week so we have chosen an old classic from the sixties as our Figure of the Week. Killer McBash from the Weird-Oh's is that wacked out football player from the series of kits many a modeler has cut his teeth on. It's hard to believe but the Weird-Ohs are 50 years old and have been reissued many times over those years and are still on the market today. Fifty years old and still bashing his way down field our hats are off to Mr. McBash our FOTW

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The "Weird-Oh's" "Silly Surfers" and "Frantics" kits were originally released by Hawk in the sixties. These comical kits featured bug eyed, big toothed monsters, crazed race car drivers, wacky beach bums, and far out rock and rollers. The Weird-Oh's were designed by Bill Campbell. The original Frantics and Silly Surfers were envisioned by Reuben Klamer, Bob Allen and Mel Shaw. Hawk has gone back and reissued many of these kits!

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