February 06, 2016

Figure of the Week #49: 1940s Dimestore Football Players by All NU

It's Super Bowl weekend so we though we would visit some football 'toy soldiers' made over the years. That is to say football players that were produced by companies known primarily for their toy soldier products. These two figures are 'Dimestore' style football players circa 1940s and made by the All Nu of New York, New YorkThese 70mm hollowcast lead figure are extremely rare and a mint figure could command up to $400.00. The charm of these banged and beat up examples is that they covey the long hard football season and therefore is worthy choice to be a MichToy Figure of the Week.

DYK- All Nu Products was started by Barclay's chief sculptor Frank Krupp after leaving Barclay in 1938. Krupp sculpted all of All Nu's figures as well. With the outbreak of WW2, the government impounded all shipments of lead and All Nu ceased production of it's hollowcast lead figures, but continued it's production of soldiers with a heavy cardboard stock. All Nu Products continued producing it's heavy cardboard stock soldiers and vehicles until 1945. In 1946 All Nu Products Inc. became Faben Products Inc. and continued producing civilian figures in hollowcast lead until finally shutting the doors in 1950, but never again produced it's trademark hollowcast lead soldiers which it is best known for.

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