January 05, 2014

Figure of the Week #48: The Beatles Emirober Figures from Spain

As a die hard Beatle maniac from the sixties I was thrilled to recently come across these 60mm plastic figures I had way back when. With Santa being nice enough to bring me the new Beatles on the BBC Collection cd for Christmas it reminded me just how cool I always thought these figures were. Actually manufactured in Spain in the 1960s by a company called Emirober these were not an official, licensed product. A set of four 3" figures came in a bag with the figures molded in a wide variety of colors. There were four different bagged sets as each Beatle; George, Paul, John & Ringo had a header card with their image on it. This is kind of a tangent from our normal toy soldier themed FOTW but with a little imagination you can throw these guys in a diorama with some green army men and have your own USO show!

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