February 22, 2014

New Releases from MIG Productions Now Available

These great new products from MIG Productions are now available.

Surface Textures
MGP-P508 Acrylic Antiskid Paste
Antiskid texture is common on modern armour. Even so, kit manufacturers rarely reproduce that texture in their models. Being a very difficult pattern to reproduce, many modelers do not represent it because it's hard to reproduce accurately. But those times are over and what was a real nightmare, is now a simple and fast process.  MIG Productions presents a new “ready to use” antiskid past. All you have to do is to apply it in the desired spot.

Weathering Pigments
These three colors are perfect for use on dioramas.They will also look great in tank tracks and running gears, and all kind of dioramas, cars, bikes, planes. The applications are endless for these great new pigments colors.
MGP-P056 Weathering Pigment Light Brown Dry Lake
MGP-P057 Weathering Pigment Mid Brown Dry Lake #2 
MGP-P058 Weathering Pigment Brown River Bank

502 Abteilung Oil Paints
Three new oils join the 502 range including a flesh tint perfect for figure modelers. 
MGP-ABT215 Weathering Oil Paint Flesh Shadow
MGP-ABT220 Weathering Oil Paint Dark Brick Red
MGP-ABT225 502 Abteilung Oils-  Weathering Oil Paint Midnight Blue 

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