December 16, 2013

The Tournament by Black Hawk Toy Soldier

The Tournament is a beautiful new collection by Black Hawk and is a faithful recreation of a typical European tournament from around the 1350s. These are 54mm (1/32nd Scale) painted pewter figures comprising a complete set of accessories and interchangeable, multi-purpose figures, allowing for the creation of many exciting tournament settings. 

BHT-BH-0901 Beltrain De Guesclin
BHT-BH-0902 The Encounter
BHT-BH-0903 Squire
BHT-BH-0904 Jester
BHT-BH-0906 Guard
BHT-BH-0907 Noble Lady
BHT-BH-0908 Countess
BHT-BH-0909 Count
BHT-BH-0910 Boy
BHT-BH-0911 Trumpeter
BHT-BH-0912 Herald
BHT-BH-0913 Booth
BHT-BH-0914 Tent
BHT-BH-0915 Edmund De Thorpe
BHT-BH-0916 Jean De La Quite

This collection will be available in late December
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The exact origin of the tournament is by no means easy to establish, but the existence of military games in ancient times is well known. Skill in the use of arms is only acquired by extended training, so no doubt even in remote antiquity men prepared themselves for warfare by means of mock combats. In fact, properly speaking, the word tournament or “tourney” refers to groups of warriors engaged in battle, whilst the term “joust” applies to just two contestants

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