December 12, 2013

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Army Sprays from the Plastic Soldier Company

We are very excited to announce the release of a new primer range called Army Sprays. This is a new range of high quality spray paints from the Plastic Soldier Company designed for the WW2 modeler. Developed and researched with Kvasir Innovations (the guys behind Army Painter Primers) to accurately portray WW2 tank and vehicle base colours and WW2 infantry uniforms. 

Now Available:

PSC-SP001 Warsprays: Tank Spray- Late War German Dunkelgelb
PSC-SP002 Warsprays: Tank Spray- Early War German Panzer Grey
PSC-SP003 Warsprays: Tank Spray- Russian
PSC-SP004 Warsprays: Tank Spray- British
PSC-SP005 Warsprays: Tank Spray- U.S.
PSC-SP006 Warsprays: Infantry Spray- German Field Grey
PSC-SP007 Warsprays: Infantry Spray- Russian Uniform
PSC-SP008 Warsprays: Infantry Spray- British Khaki
PSC-SP009 Warsprays: Infantry Spray- U.S. Olive Drab 

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Coming Soon:
Weathering Sprays & Washes. A quick, easy and effective way to give your vehicle models and tabletop scenery a realistic "battlefield" look. Aimed at WW2 but good for any historical period, sci fi and fantasy.
PSC-WS001 Weathering Sprays: Dirt Brown 
PSC-WS003 Weathering Sprays: Light Brown 
PSC-WSET01 Box Set of Weathering Washes

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