February 11, 2014

Product Spotlight: The Weathering Magazine Issue 6 - Kursk plus Vegetation Now Available

I finally got a chance to go through the latest Weathering Magazine which is issue 6. And what a great issue it is. It's the largest issue to date and covers weathering both German and Soviet tanks during the Battle of Kursk but it's applications are not limited to just that battle. Five tanks are featured in beautifully photographed how-to articles along with a Junkers JU876-1. The second half of the issue is devoted Vegetation, more specifically scenic and diorama techniques. Just about any type of scenic you prefer is featured here- paper, photo-etched, pre packaged and hand made is presented in excellent how to articles. 

As an added bonus this issue features Flames of Weathering a nice article by Heresy Brush aka Ruben Torregrosa who is featured in our best selling Painting War book. The article covers painting and detailing 15mm armor on the Eastern front. 

The Weathering Magazine is now published independently by Mig Jimenz, Rick Lawler, and Ian Hamilton.

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