November 09, 2013

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #42: Barclay & Manoil Flag Bearers

In honor of Veterans Day Monday 11-11-13 we offer up two classic dimestore figures as our FOTW, one from Barclay and one from Manoil.  The Barclay figure shows the wear and tear of many a campaign, a true veteran while our Manoil soldier represents the fresh faced soldier marching in a Veterans day Parade. To our veterans everywhere…Thank you for Your Service!

Dimestore soldiers are a name first given by collector and author Don Pielin to American made toy soldiers sold individually in five and dime stores from the 1930s to the 1950s before being replaced by plastic toy soldiers called army men.  Though most figures were hollowcast metal, composition and plastic dimestore figures were also made. The popularity of the toy soldier reflected public interest in wars around the world and America's own military preparedness of the era.

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