September 30, 2013

News & New Releases from Morgan Miniatures

Morgan Miniatures (A MTSC North American Exclusive) released a large number of great new figures at the Chicago Toy Soldier show. Seven beautiful new Aztec Eagle Warriors are now available and we have also posted pre order information for the incredible new Hernán Cortés mounted figure. This will be available in November along with three other mounted Conquistadors. In the The Mexican Adventure 1861–67 series we received six new French Foreign Legion figures and Gareth Morgan has told us These FFL figures can also be used for 19th century North Africa and a series of Arab warriors are in the works from Morgan for early 2014.

If you are looking for exceptional, truly handmade figures then Morgans are for you. Morgan Miniatures are unique 60mm scale, matt painted, white metal figures from the U.K. No more than 400 painted figures will be available annually. Each figure is individually hand-painted in the connoisseur style and usually no two figures will be painted exactly the same. Currently there are four series. The Conquest of Mexico with Aztecs and Conquistadors, The Mexican Adventure 1861-67, Pirates and the Old West.

New Aztecs & Conquistadors 
MRN-AZT041 Aztec Eagle Warrior Attacking with Club 
MRN-AZT042 Aztec Eagle Warrior Defending with Macuahuitl 
MRN-AZT043 Aztec Eagle Warrior Swinging a Macuahuitl 
MRN-AZT044 Aztec Eagle Warrior Attacking with a Macuahuitl 
MRN-AZT045 Aztec Eagle Warrior Attacking with a Club 
MRN-AZT046 Aztec Eagle Warrior Attacking with an Ax 
MRN-AZT047 Aztec Eagle Warrior Defending with Ax 
MRN-CON023 Conquistador Wearing Helmet Lunging with Sword 

The Mexican Adventure 1861–67 
MRN-TMA013 French Foreign Legion at the Ready 
MRN-TMA014 French Foreign Legion Casualty 
MRN-TMA015 French Foreign Legion Loading 
MRN-TMA016 French Foreign Legion Standing Firing 
MRN-TMA017 French Foreign Legion Directing Fire 
MRN-TMA018 French Foreign Legion

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