September 14, 2013

Links & Web Gems: Plastic Toy Soldier Blogs

Here's a list of some great Blogs featuring plastic toy soldiers, new, vintage and a little bit of everything thrown in.

SOLDADOS DE PLASTICO - Monster Blog packed with images featuring a little bit of everything in large scale plastic soldiers. Reamsa, Starlux, Timpo, Aohna, Britains, JIM, LaFredo, Jecsan, Reisler, Atlantic and many more. This site will suck you in and keep you looking for hours.

Figurines Far-West Another great Blog featuring plastic soldiers of the Far West from Germany, Spain, France, USA and more. After looking through this site at all the wonderful figures produced way back when I still wonder why the Old West appeals so greatly to European collectors while here in the USA it's one of the least popular time periods for toy soldiers and collectors.
I Like the Things I Like - A Blog by Scott B. Lesch featuring..well the things he likes. In this case plastic toy soldiers and apparently woman's underwear from the 1860s. A thoroughly entertaining site with a great sense of humor and some great large scale plastic figures. if you're a plastic guy this is the place too be!

JoeSoldiers - This website contains photographs of Joe Carvalho's collection of military figures. Each figure has been hand-painted by Carvalho over the past 32 years. Each uniform is based upon the uniforms actually used during the period depicted in the various diorama's. Figures in 54mm scale were produced by a wide range of makers from the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The most prominent makers are Marx, Britains, Accurate, Imex, Classic Toy Soldiers, Barzso, Conte Collectibles, BMC, San Diego Toy Soldier Company, Starlux, Dulcop, Reamsa, Timpo, Revell, Call to Arms, Replicants, Herald, Crecent, Charbens, Lonestar, Historex, Italeri, Ideal, Marxmen, HAT, Armies in Plastic, and Jason Pope's Plastic Underground figures.

Mannie Gentile: Toy Soldiers Forever - Mannie Gentile is a park ranger at Antietam National Battlefield who has several Blogs.  One of them…Toy Soldiers Forever features photos, reviews, discussions, conversions, and play with 54mm Toy Soldiers of the American Civil War. Lot's of great images, links to other similar sites and a big dose of good natured humor. Click on Mannie's profile and get sucked into more great blogs and information.


  1. Thanks for the links.
    Scott´s blog is one of my favourites, as you say, he´s got a great sense of humour and his Story telling method is great.

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