January 31, 2017

FARLEY'S FIGURE OF THE WEEK: #140 Marx Nutty Marx 'End Zone'

It's Super Bowl Week so we have chosen this classic Nutty Mad from Marx who answers to the name 'End Zone' as our latest FOTW. 

This week's figure was submitted by Walter Stamm who tells us that way back in the 1963 Marx issued four series of injection-molded polymer plastic toy figures with a total of 24 in all. Generally about 6 inches tall, each figure stands on a flat base in a fixed, "demented" pose—complete with bulging, bloodshot eyes and maniacal expression. They originally sold in five and dime stores like Woolworth's, S. S. Kresge and G. C. Murphy for 15 cents apiece. Each figure was available in a variety of colors; the current value and/or collectibility of these vintage toys is determined by the scarcity of the figure and color, as well as the overall condition. (The third series is the hardest to find—and usually the most expensive.) Their popularity led Marx to expand the product line with several similar series, including Weird-Ohs, Blame-Its and Cartoon Soldiers (commonly referred to as "Nutty Generals")

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