September 30, 2013

News & New Releases from Morgan Miniatures

Morgan Miniatures (A MTSC North American Exclusive) released a large number of great new figures at the Chicago Toy Soldier show. Seven beautiful new Aztec Eagle Warriors are now available and we have also posted pre order information for the incredible new Hernán Cortés mounted figure. This will be available in November along with three other mounted Conquistadors. In the The Mexican Adventure 1861–67 series we received six new French Foreign Legion figures and Gareth Morgan has told us These FFL figures can also be used for 19th century North Africa and a series of Arab warriors are in the works from Morgan for early 2014.

If you are looking for exceptional, truly handmade figures then Morgans are for you. Morgan Miniatures are unique 60mm scale, matt painted, white metal figures from the U.K. No more than 400 painted figures will be available annually. Each figure is individually hand-painted in the connoisseur style and usually no two figures will be painted exactly the same. Currently there are four series. The Conquest of Mexico with Aztecs and Conquistadors, The Mexican Adventure 1861-67, Pirates and the Old West.

New Aztecs & Conquistadors 
MRN-AZT041 Aztec Eagle Warrior Attacking with Club 
MRN-AZT042 Aztec Eagle Warrior Defending with Macuahuitl 
MRN-AZT043 Aztec Eagle Warrior Swinging a Macuahuitl 
MRN-AZT044 Aztec Eagle Warrior Attacking with a Macuahuitl 
MRN-AZT045 Aztec Eagle Warrior Attacking with a Club 
MRN-AZT046 Aztec Eagle Warrior Attacking with an Ax 
MRN-AZT047 Aztec Eagle Warrior Defending with Ax 
MRN-CON023 Conquistador Wearing Helmet Lunging with Sword 

The Mexican Adventure 1861–67 
MRN-TMA013 French Foreign Legion at the Ready 
MRN-TMA014 French Foreign Legion Casualty 
MRN-TMA015 French Foreign Legion Loading 
MRN-TMA016 French Foreign Legion Standing Firing 
MRN-TMA017 French Foreign Legion Directing Fire 
MRN-TMA018 French Foreign Legion

Links & Web Gems: Facebook Finds '1914-1918 In Photos'

Here's a great Facebook find for anyone interested in WWI - '1914-1918 In Photos' is collection of fantastic images from the First World War. Check it out!

September 27, 2013

Large Plastic Passions #3 - Beware of Greeks bearing....

Look for the new 1/32nd scale Ancient Greeks from Expeditionary Force to be available this November just in time for the Holidays. We are waiting on pricing and set configurations but these will be issued in two colors, deep blood-red and linen-cream. Scott also passed on that the Persians are already sculpted and will be moving on to tooling once the Greeks are available. 

Pictured are test shots for these new figures.

Large Plastic Passions #2 - Go West Young Man!

We picked up sample sets of new 1/32nd scale plastic figures from three companies including the new manufacture Austin Miniatures, new dismounted U.S. Cavalry set #3 from Paragon and the new Alamo hand-to-hand set from TSSD. All of these are due for release in late October, early November and are available for pre order now

Austin Miniatures
AUM-AM001B Cowboys Set #1 Brown Plastic 
AUM-AM001G Cowboys Set #1 Gray Plastic
TSD-025 The Alamo - Hand-to-Hand Combat  

PRG-00208LB U.S. Dismounted Cavalry Set #3 Light Blue 
PRG-00208MB U.S. Dismounted Cavalry Set #3 Medium Blue  

Large Plastic Passions #1 - Robbing from the Rich!

We have received 5 new sets of 1/32nd scale plastic figures from Replicants including the first set in a series "Robin Hood". Look for more new Robin Hood sets in 2014. 

Replicants is a company from the UK which produces unpainted plastic toy figures in 1/32 scale. The company is run by people with a passion for plastic toy figures. We try to make figures which are a little bit unusual. Replicants are made in single molds, not large injection molding machines and produced in very limited quanities. View this neat primer on making a How a Figure is Made.

September 15, 2013

David Levinthal's Intricately Staged Tableaus of Toy Soldiers

Occasional MTSC customer David Levinthal has just published a new book War Games. Levinthal, a central figure in the history of American postmodern photography, has staged uncanny tableaux using toy soldiers and miniature dioramas for nearly forty years. Levinthal's combat-related tableaux constitute a remarkable critique of the ways society experiences conflict through its portrayal. His groundbreaking project "Hitler Moves East" (1975–77), a series of imagined scenes from World War II's Russian front, first established his reputation, becoming a touchstone for the iconoclastic generation of American photographers. The book has a beautifully designed canvas hardcover with silkscreen print and a dust jacket.

From the WSJ, Septemebr 14,3013
Photo-Op: Small Wars
David Levinthal's intricately staged tableaus of toy soldiers give sadly familiar historical scenes somber new menace. A photographic review of "War Games."

Little children take their toys deadly seriously. Woe betide the Bolshevik younger brother who seizes a princess from a castle, or the perfidious parent who dislodges a tank from its position guarding the couch. The seriousness with which David Levinthal's photographs treat his subject—mostly model soldiers and other figurines—is part of the unsettling joke. His 1977 breakthrough, 'Hitler Moves East' (a collaboration with 'Doonesbury' cartoonist Garry Trudeau), confounded perceptions of scale and neatly mimicked the visual values of World War II photography. Toy soldiers march through forests, hide in fields or lie face down in mud, while planes and trains burst into flames around them. The blur used to obscure depth became a literal 'fog of war.' The book was reissued last year, and selections appear in 'War Games' (Kehrer, 133 pages, $50), which includes Mr. Levinthal's further experiments in tin-soldier photography. He has re-created scenes from the Nuremberg rallies and Nazi concentration camps with original 1930s Nazi toy soldiers, lending these sadly familiar scenes a somber new menace. He has done the Battle of the Alamo and even night-vision-green scenes from Iraq. But the images that spring most to life, so to speak, are of old schoolboy favorites: cowboys and Indians battling in the American West. Intricately arrayed dioramas recall the compositions of Frederic Remington or his dime-magazine imitators, while lush color and blurred depths suggest a battlefield frenzy, as warriors close in upon a settler or a rider falls from his horse, an arrow in his side. Even an ironist would agree: No heroism is so pure, as every boy knows, as that of a miniature figurine.

A version of this article appeared September 14, 2013, on page C6 in the U.S. edition of The Wall Street Journal, with the headline: Photo-Op: Small Wars.


This 1/32nd scale plastic figure by CTS was submitted as a FOTW by Paul Webster. Why you may ask? Well you may know him as Herman Munster or even his stage name Fred Gwynne but this little plastic confederate is actually one of eight poses in the CTS Confederate Infantry set #173A. Intenional? I think not! But still worthy of our FOTW. 

September 14, 2013

Links & Web Gems: Plastic Toy Soldier Blogs

Here's a list of some great Blogs featuring plastic toy soldiers, new, vintage and a little bit of everything thrown in.

SOLDADOS DE PLASTICO - Monster Blog packed with images featuring a little bit of everything in large scale plastic soldiers. Reamsa, Starlux, Timpo, Aohna, Britains, JIM, LaFredo, Jecsan, Reisler, Atlantic and many more. This site will suck you in and keep you looking for hours.

Figurines Far-West Another great Blog featuring plastic soldiers of the Far West from Germany, Spain, France, USA and more. After looking through this site at all the wonderful figures produced way back when I still wonder why the Old West appeals so greatly to European collectors while here in the USA it's one of the least popular time periods for toy soldiers and collectors.
I Like the Things I Like - A Blog by Scott B. Lesch featuring..well the things he likes. In this case plastic toy soldiers and apparently woman's underwear from the 1860s. A thoroughly entertaining site with a great sense of humor and some great large scale plastic figures. if you're a plastic guy this is the place too be!

JoeSoldiers - This website contains photographs of Joe Carvalho's collection of military figures. Each figure has been hand-painted by Carvalho over the past 32 years. Each uniform is based upon the uniforms actually used during the period depicted in the various diorama's. Figures in 54mm scale were produced by a wide range of makers from the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The most prominent makers are Marx, Britains, Accurate, Imex, Classic Toy Soldiers, Barzso, Conte Collectibles, BMC, San Diego Toy Soldier Company, Starlux, Dulcop, Reamsa, Timpo, Revell, Call to Arms, Replicants, Herald, Crecent, Charbens, Lonestar, Historex, Italeri, Ideal, Marxmen, HAT, Armies in Plastic, and Jason Pope's Plastic Underground figures.

Mannie Gentile: Toy Soldiers Forever - Mannie Gentile is a park ranger at Antietam National Battlefield who has several Blogs.  One of them…Toy Soldiers Forever features photos, reviews, discussions, conversions, and play with 54mm Toy Soldiers of the American Civil War. Lot's of great images, links to other similar sites and a big dose of good natured humor. Click on Mannie's profile and get sucked into more great blogs and information.

September 11, 2013

Russian Front Covered Big Time by New Pegasus 1/72nd Scale Releases

Pegasus Hobbies Fall Releases Now Available!
Click Here to View & Order
Figure Sets:
PGH-7224 WWII German Fallschirmjäger
PGH-7271 WWII Russian Infantry in Greatcoats
PGH-7272 WWII Russian Infantry in Winter Dress Set 2
PGH-7273 WWII Russian Mortar Teams in Greatcoats
PGH-7274 WWII Russian Support Weapon Teams in Greatcoats

Model Kits:
PGH-7627 WWII German Tiger II Tanks (2)
PGH-7661 WWII Russian T-34/76 Tanks (2)
PGH-7663 WWII Russian Su-85M/100 Assault Gun 
PGH-7664 WWII Russian Su-122 Assault Gun

For years Pegasus has teased collectors about their rumored War Against Fascism 1/72nd scale figure set. Well it's finally been released and is now available! PGH-7267 'War Against Fascism'

September 10, 2013

Pegasus WWII German Fallschirmjäger in 1/32 Scale Now available for Pre Order

Now available-  1/32 scale plastic figures PGH-3204 WWII German Fallschirmjager set from Pegasus Hobbies. 10 all new poses!

September 02, 2013

Mounted Conquistadors & More Coming in late September from Morgan Miniatures.

We will debuting the new Mounted Conquistadors from Morgan Miniatures at the Chicago Toy Soldier show. Also scheduled are new Aztec Eagle Warriors and a number of new French Foreign Legion figures.