July 25, 2013

We Welcome Munich Kits & Hecker & Goros Zinnfiguren to the MichToy Family

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking two new companies in our 1/72nd scale offerings. Both companies hail from Germany and offer excellent quality in design, sculpting and historical accuracy. Hecker & Goros Zinnfiguren of Germany has been around for many years but their 1/72nd scale line is new here at Michigan Toy Soldier. They produce beautifully sculpted and finely cast pewter figures in 1/72nd scale. 

Munich Kits is an offshoot of Hecker & Goros are also imported from Germany. The company produces figures out of resin plastic in 1/72nd scale and are known for their beautiful castings, exuisite sculpting by Florian Hecker, historical detail and accuracy. Sets are packaged in blister boxes with foam inserts to protect the figures.

The First 4 Sets by Munich
MKG-FHLW02 Deutsche Luftwaffe 1943 
MKG-FHLW03 Deutsche Luftwaffe 1914-1918 
MKG-FHW01 Plundering Vikings #1 
MKG-FHW02 Plundering Vikings #2 

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