January 04, 2014

THE BEST PRODUCTS OF OF 2013 from our PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: PaintingWar a Painting Guide for Miniatures

MichToy Best Seller for 2013
Painting War is a fantastic book how to book for anyone painting WWII German figures. There are excellent tutorials for building and painting figures and I found that one of the most unique and best feature of this book are the 39 different figures, each featured on a single page showing how to paint that particular figure. Another nice feature is they actual list the Vallejo paint numbers used and mixing guide for each color. While 28mm figures are used for most examples, the magazine also has a section on painting 15mm figures and 1/72nd scale collectors can also find this an invaluable addition to their reference library. 

Painting War is a new book out of Spain (published in English) . Each issue of PaintingWar will focus on a particular period and army. For instance Issue 1 focuses on painting WWII German Army figures and Issue 2 is scheduled to cover the Napoleonic French army. The magazine lays out a step-by-step guide to preparing and painting figures including sections on Uniforms, Weapons, Cavalry & Horses and much more. Issue 1 features the work of  Ruben Torregrosa, the Warlord Games master painter. 

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    Thank you very much for your post!!!! :).

    By the way, I'm not the master painter of Warlord Games. Another Spaniard, Andrés Amián, is the responsible!.