July 23, 2013

Product News 1/32nd Scale Plastic: Nice Batch of 1/32 Reissues from Airfix

Airfix has just reissued a nice batch of WWII figures, scenics & model kits in their 1/32 scale range. Out of production for some time it's nice to see these classics available again.
View them here

AFX-2710 WWII Japanese Infantry 
AFX-2719 WWII Gurkhas
AFX-2720 British SAS (Special Air Service) 
AFX-6380 WWII Strongpoint Ruined Building 
AFX-6381 Desert Outpost Ruined Building 
AFX-5360 Monty's Humber Snipe Staff Car 
AFX-6360 Rommel's Half Track with 3 Figures 

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