July 30, 2013

Just Arrived New MIG MUD & Transformation Sets

Now available MIG Productions the innovator in model weathering products: two new MUD products and six new Transformation Sets 

The new MUD references (MGP-504 and 505) are intended to replicate the Sub-Sahara region and are ideal to represent soils rich in iron. From the MIG Press Release: Soils rich in iron presents a reddish color look and our new mud references are the exact match to represent it. We present two new different references. The “Dry Mud - fine texture” and the “Dry Mud - rough texture”. Like that, the modellers will have a wider range of possibilities. No matter if you are building a Vietnam, African or South America local conflict. If you need a reddish color soil, MIG Productions have the answer for it!

MGP-504 MIG Productions Sub Sahara Dry Mud Fine Texture 75ml Jar
MGP-505 MIG Productions Sub Sahara Dry Mud Rough Texture 75ml Jar 

Transformation Sets include two washes, two filters and two oils and cover the most demanded themes: allied vehicles, grey and yellow German vehicles, primed red vehicles, winter camuflage and rust and decay effects. Each sets include a use guide with application tips and their price is lower than the price when you buy their components separately. The new sets are as follows with complete set contents on our web site. 
MGP-P253 MIG Transformation Set: Allied Green
MGP-P254 MIG Transformation Set: German Yellow 
MGP-P255 MIG Transformation Set: German Grey
MGP-P256 MIG Transformation Set: Winter Vehicle
MGP-P257 MIG Transformation Set: Rust & Decay 

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