July 07, 2013

LINKS & WEB GEMS: The Absolute Best Step-by-Step Guides for Painting Historical Busts

There are many, many How-To or Step-by-Step (SBS) guides for building and painting figures of all sizes and scales on the internet.  Three of the best are featured on the website by the Spanish company Heroes & Villains and are presented by master painter Fernando Ruiz a.k.a. FeR. Each of the three current SBS take a bust from the beginning to finished in extensive detail with 100+ images in each fantastic tutorial. These guides will help remove the intimidation factor many modelers face by covering the painting faces, cloth patterns, leather, metal and so forth. Get inspired and start painting with these most excellent tutorials.
Germanic Warrior AD 9 – Step by Step 
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson – Step by Step
Jacobite Highlander Culloden, 1746 – Step by Step
Also check out Ziggy Starbrush & The Figures from Mars...Fernando Ruiz personal website for more inspiration.

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