July 15, 2013

FIGURE OF THE WEEK #33: Plastic Teutonic Knight from Sovosold of Russia

This FOTW was sent to me by my good friend Tom Stark who has written countless articles on collecting toy soldiers for Plastic Playset Review, Toy Soldier & Model and many others. Tom is sort of plastic guru and can sniff out a unique plastic figure anywhere on the planet. This figure is from a series of Teutonic Knights by a new and somewhat obscure Russian manufacturer Sovosold. He is one of 18 poses in the series with the Russian knights being cast in maroon plastic and Teutonic knights that took them on cast in white plastic. All castings are one piece, not relying on attaching separate components to active the animation excepted. The detail is crisp and clean and historically spot on making this figure worthy as our Figure of the Week.


  1. What scale and is there a link to sovosold?

    1. These are 54mm. Try www.sovsold.narod.ru

  2. These are 54mm. Try www.sovsold.narod.ru

  3. Hello,
    the manufacturer is Pvblivs.
    Best regards from France.
    Breizh44, admin of http://soldatplastique-1-32.forumgratuit.org/